PVE Conflict, where have the asian servers gone?

Well I was going to spend more $ on the game, but I don’t think I will considering I can’t even play it

So if people have the Conan Outcasts version of the game, they can get on the servers and start claiming our land as our bases decay, thralls and pets die?

Your pet and thrall shouldn’t die because hunger is disable in official I believe. However ppl can destroy your decayed base. I’m unsure of base decay time tho. Yeah don’t buy their dlc I made a mistake of buying it already.

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That is very Inconvenient to have your base decay and destroyed due to no fault of your own

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Well if all of my work is gone by the time the servers come back up I think I will be done with this game entirely

What is your damn problem Funcom? Holidays in Japan have been over since the 6th! Are you kidding me? Are you serious?

Hey there,

Our Japanese partner informed us that all servers are now updated and running the latest version.
For version compatibility purposes we recommend playing on servers closest to your geographical region.

all asian servers are still invalid. The recommendation is a great idea. Especially if all other servers are full or you have a level 60 char incl big base on an asian server. You are really funny man :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So after a 14gb update I’ve logged on to conan exiles only to find the PvP servers are up, the PvE servers are up but the screen is currently showing 0/11846 servers on the PvE conflict side which is where I playing on 4074… *sigh… shame I was really enjoying this game as well even though it did feel like an early access game with all the glitches, bugs etc but it’s more frustrating than anything… oh and to reply to your comment about playing on a more local server, well I would but when I play with 6 of my friends we kinda wanna jump on the same server, when all the official EU servers are full or 38-39 out of 40 people on it makes it very difficult to all get on at the same time… also I had thought of paying for a server but seeing that your price of servers are coming up £20 a month in the UK (which I could get a decent game with that every month, pretty extreme price and like I said the amount of buggy issues with the game anyway I hardly think it’s worth half that) I decided not to. My patience is fleeting.

P.s. love the new bugs btw. Dead body’s flashing in and out of the world, putting food in pets just vanishes, most the names of npc enemy’s are in German (I think) and no hunger meters on pets… only a few that I witnessed going on another server (PvE).

Regarding the PVE-C filter, it’s a known issue. As stated in the patch notes:

Please keep this thread only for the issue discussed in the title. To report another issue, please open another thread if it hasn’t been reported recently.

Yeah still the same issue as the asian server isn’t coming up… selected to show all servers, nothing, put in 4074 in the name, nothing… end of the day I don’t see a “all servers” selection and I don’t see a “browser filter” maybe you should choose your wording better for those who don’t spend enough time in front of a screen to know what you’re on about.

Any players out there got it working? Could you let me know please as I find the community support pretty patronising and less than helpful… another frustrating reason to drop this game all together.

Put official in the filter and have show all invalid and full servers plus all in community, region and server population, PVE conflict. Maximum ping is clear and server name is clear… says 0/669… Where am I going wrong, like I said some actual guidance would be appreciated cheers

Ok found it… end thread

Opening this thread as the asian servers don’t seem to be visible again in PVE Conflict… can anyone offer any update to why this is?

Server is invalid again. What is happening

Nicole said it should be updated tomorrow, so guess will try again tomorrow

The PVE-Conflict filter and Asian server version mismatch should be fixed now.
Thanks for your feedback and patience.