Lots of racism in 1132

anything i can do about the constant racism coming from the “max cheaters” clan on server 1132 . wil the devs do anything about these fools


an example of the typical nonsense they spout

Don’t bother replying to them. Or move to another server. Or kick their butts so they leave the server.

CTRL+T is your friend.

Pres ESC disable chat :slight_smile: all done enjoy a clean game mate

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unbelieveable that the devs do nothing about this crap …do they even realise how many players leave becuse of toxic idiots like this and their lack of action …i wont be bothering playing this sh*tfest of game from now on its a joke

So you boycott a game because one (or a few people) are racist? Do words hurt that much? Why don’t you just laugh at how pathetic they are and move on?

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Please feel free to expound on this.

What do you want them to do?

I’m black and not American, and I cannot adress enough how funny is that people still find the “n word” offensive… is internet trash talk… “Racism” is a very big word for something so small. Just ignore them or insult them back, calling to mom… sorry… moderators to adress the issue wont make things better. Like dads used to say back in the day “a kid hit you, you hit him harder”.


And also, freedom of expression extent to racial and isulting slur… asking for censorship of any kind is a very dangerous path. As a venezuelan, I assure you… you can trust me on that one.

The only instance that denies freedom of speech is when a remark could result in the physical harm of an individual, this is hardly the case.


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