Racist comments in game chat that aren't part of the game

So what do you do when someone in chat is using racist comments even after being asked to stop. I requested he switch to less racial swearing like calling me an ahole or something, but the guy insists on using the N word - spelled wrongly of course, and I’m not even of that blood line. Cracker and saltine made an appearance as well, which being white I do take issue with.

I have screens but won’t put them up to prevent a thread lock and bury for outing someone, though shame is an effective weapon against racists, at least for some that have the capacity.

I can’t even see how it’s considering role play, but that is typically the excuse you hear when someone gets accused - I was only playing…sure you were.

What’s the deal Funcom, it may be a Mature game, but does that mean we have to tolerate socially unacceptable comments, comments that would tend to get your lip bloodied if you tried that outside of the anonymity of an online game? Is the game server a safe space for racists?


You could play on a dedicated server with rules against this behavior, y’know. If you don’t want to do that, then you gotta get some thick skin.


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The Pippi mod has filters for that. Best play on a server that runs that mod.

Pretty much a private server has the case where you do have to grow a thick skin. Not sure how an official server would work with this.

lol indeed.

Don’t let Internet words get under your skin, no matter what color it is.

Maybe FC could add an ignore option for players?


theres one already, pressing N to show player list iirc


Exactly. Most people only do this to upset you, and if you become upset then they won. I understand not liking the racism, I’m a minority who grew up in a small, racist town. I also found that not letting them get to you does tend to upset them rather than them upsetting you. In other words, do the one thing nobody has ever learned on the internet…“Don’t feed the trolls”.

That’s interesting logic there, a server with admins and rules requires a thicker skin than one that’s pretty much unsupervised with no rules. Either you’ve had some bad luck with dedicated servers, or you tend to be the one breaking the rules.

I think it’s “B” to bring up the player list.


“Ugh, ruined my day. You shouldn’t have called me a cracker… Bringing me back to owning land and people. What a drag.”

  • Louis C.K.

But yeah, if it bothers you, just put them on ignore if that’s possible. Otherwise report them and hope something gets done. The others have good advice though, it really would be best to simply not let any insults bother you.


Technically the “Cracker” did not own slaves. He was the slave owner’s hired hand that kept the slaves in line with the whip. He was the hired hand who “cracked the whip”.

This is an interesting name to be offended about in a game where a major part of it being we abduct the natives and force them into slavery, lol.

In all honesty I really dislike trolling chat in other MMO games and wish those companies would take a stronger stand against it especially if they are subscription based - but this is probably the one and only game where I think “Ummm … what were you expecting when you bought this game? Rainbows and unicorns?”

Definitely only play on a dedicated server with active admins and rules against the things you dislike if the unmoderated official servers are too much for you.


You’re right! And I agree, I don’t particularly care for chat like that but it’s impossible to weed out. So I simply pay it no heed.

Looking at a few of the usernames and clan names on some of the servers there definitely seems to be some questionable names out there. One of the clans is called N hunters which I didn’t think would be allowed.

They really need to administrate their official servers at a very basic level. Just hand out SteamID bans when players report some pretty gross activity. It should be easy enough to view the server and check out the logs to verify the info.

I’ve seen:

  • Racist player and clan names
  • ‘Exploit’ character names (eg. naming yourself ‘Stygian Fighter III’)
  • Really gross, extremely offensive and toxic chat in Global

Other online games at least have a text censor, but we don’t have anything of the like here.

And a lot of this made me want to quit that server. Luckily I found out that CTRL-T will hide the chat menu, but I think we need a better way to mute / hide chat from players we don’t like.


Totally agree with ThePostalDude.
Get over it. This new trend of getting offended for everything is a clear sign we are entering the era of stupidity.


Would you be willing to pay a subscription of $30 a month for admins to moderate zone chat? If you and 69 other people are willing to pay for someone to keep your server zone chat clean maybe someone would set up a server and have it monitored 24/7 for offensive content. But it’s ridiculous to expect a company to do it for a one-time price of $60 and protect you from bad words forever.

You poor thing!

Someone hurt your delicate sensibilities.

Buck the hell up!


FC can’t even keep there game running, let alone add an ignore function.

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Push B, there is a player mute buttton. Easy.


Funcom should do their job if someone behaved like that on these forums they would be banned in a heartbeat game should be no different. The ones defending these people probably do it themselves

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Not that I can see, no.

Wait, isn’t there an option in Players list allowing you to hide player’s messages?