Hate speech on official servers


Why not just report it? Seems like putting it on the forums is just gonna add fuel to the fire :confused:

just look at the name o fthe guy ur trying to report … and u even open a conversation with him?
do not feed the trolls… use mute options and the game will be way more enjoyable

Depending on the person saying it and their culture, what I’m reading in the screen cap isn’t necessarily racist or hate speech. When I taught sociology of race and gender at a university in Chicago, my students would say such things to each other with zero racial weight. It’s just slang. And there is a huge difference between **-er and **-a and the context their used in.

Who knows in this case, as there’s almost no information in the image, but even if he was trolling, doesn’t mean those two words are hate speech. They might just mean “huh?”.


I also don’t see any hate speech here. For me it is not more hateful than saying “bro wut”.


Offensive, yes. Hate speech, no.

By the way, I’m of the opinion that if a society has decided that a particular word is offensive, it should be offensive regardless of who said it or what their skin color is. I can give a pass on language differences and historical/theatrical context. But when it comes to mediums like text chat in an online game, it becomes doubly important to adhere to a set standard instead of being wishy washy over whether or not the person who said it is some kid in Chicago.


that’s offensive/hate speech to you? Lmao. On official server im at russians word-fight everyone non-russian, and vice-versa, and nobody even bothers lol. Dude it’s game. You know what internet harassment is? Nothing. It doesn’t exist. You literally can just press ‘mute’ and problem is solved. You can turn internet off and problem is no more.


I would have automatically blocked somebody who’s character name is slang : a piece of dried fecal matter clinging to the hair around the ■■■■. Pulled from websters

I was expecting something a little more… um, worse?

I do find it kind of funny that this is the kind of stuff that truly bothers people while playing their murder, theft, & slavery simulator game. :grin:


Say WHAT?!

Why are you so easily offended by Text on a Screen? Funcom will tell you to First Block the User and if they Kept Harassing you from there, report them. Block is in the game for this reason, the people who are easily offended, Use it.



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Who gets to decide?


Not you.

You’re missing the point. That statement was about consistent enforcement of the rules. I could go on and on for days about self appointed arbiters of decency proclaiming all sorts of things to be hate speech (and there is undeniably a LOT of that bullcrap going on). But once it’s been decided, then the rule should apply equally to all. Not be selectively enforced, as the above mentioned arbiters also like to do.


LFMAO so hard it literally hurts. OMFG tell it… Savage truth spoken here!


Do you always make your points with personal attacks? Seriously, dude, even when I agree what you’re trying to say, you always find a way to shoehorn a personal attack into your post.

I’ve seen him say he’s been coding for 30+ years, not that he was a game developer, but even if he said that, you do realize both could be true, right? Not everyone is a twenty-something like you, and sometimes people who have been doing one thing long enough decide to change that, if they have the opportunity.


this whole thread should be closed and deleted.

i really cant understand whats the point of this. other than create possible confrontation, racism is like a very touchy thing right now.

my advice to whoever got offended. is to report using the procedures (and that does not include posting possible offence over the forums). it is totally pointless.


All the more reason that it should be discussed, and not just on television news and isolated corners of the internet, but everywhere.

Yes, even on game forums.

Believe it or not, that used to be a thing. In fact there used to be a special section of game forums called the “Off Topic Forum” where such discussions occurred and were even encouraged. Yes, it would get heated at times. And when it got too heated, the mods would step in and cool things down, but discussions would still be allowed to continue.

When that went away, that’s about the time when those topics became relegated to massive echo chambers. Nobody’s opinion was being challenged anymore. A lot of people started not even being exposed at all to opposing opinions. Where has that gotten us? We’re more divided than ever, and burying our heads in the sand is only moving us even further apart. People are disowning family members over what name is on a friken yard sign for God’s sake. Some are even doing it for not being enthusiastic enough in their agreement on a topic!

In the end, I’m sure this topic is going to be closed and likely deleted, just as you wanted. And that action is only going to contribute to the larger problem. I can only hope that someday enough people start realizing what’s going on that we can start talking to each other again and a genuine healing process can begin.


i do feel this is not the place to have this kind of discussion, its like bringing politics to this. there are forums and spaces that are better (imo) than conan exiles forums to discuss this matters.

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