Hate speech on official servers

I will suggest that this is an understandable response, but not the best one.

The suggested failure of the Color Blind Society was that in changing culture, but not institutions or social forces, we made a mistake, which is that it’s harder to talk about the things we MOST need to talk about.

For example, “can I say this word” or “what does this word mean?” It is not a good thing that these are dangerous questions. This pivot ensures that people will be less open to talking about these issues.

Less communication=less understanding=more distance between groups.

EDIT: Look at that Sociology degree paying off. :slight_smile:


Has everything to do with the people who form the conan exiles and siptah game community. The rest of the world doesn’t just go away and disappear when you click the play button. It’s still there. You see it each and every time the chat box pops up with new text in it or run into another character on the screen that isn’t controlled by a computer. You being here, right now, posting that message, is you making the conscious decision to interact with that community, which is formed by the thoughts, opinions and life experience of everyone within said community.

This thread was started because somebody in this community said something others may find offensive or hateful. Pretending it doesn’t happen or that it shouldn’t be talked about because it’s not somewhere in the game code isn’t going to make this issue go away no matter how much you want it to. The only way to solve it is if the issue is actually acknowledged and discussed. That’s how community standards of behavior are formed and reinforced, regardless of whatever subject that community was built around.

Some of us have lived on this land for many winters. I, for example, have worked in Tech support for 17 years, but I have a Master’s degree in English Translation, and I’ve also worked as a math teacher in elementary school, as a newspaper reporter, and quite a few other things in my life. All of this I can prove.

I’m worried about the trend that has been growing in recent years where people online simply state something as facts, with no regard to actual facts or evidence. But that doesn’t mean you can call people liars just because you don’t like something they say - that’s just the flip side of stating something as facts without evidence.

As a linguist (or if we want to split hairs, translator, which isn’t exactly the same) I have been interested in the development of the forbidden N-word and its variations in different languages and cultures since the mid-1990s when it was first “considered by some to be offensive” in my native Finnish language. When I was a kid, there weren’t many black people in Finland, and the local variant of the word was considered neutral. I believe it was American influence; when Finns realized that the American version of the same word was considered offensive by Americans, Finns decided that despite a different language and different cultural context (and indeed, different word), the similar expression in Finnish must also be offensive, and thus banned from neutral speech.

Curiously, even though a similar discussion has been going on regarding the I-word used to refer to Native Americans, the Finnish version is still considered appropriate and neutral.

I do think that @Glurin is mostly right that in public speech, using words that are generally considered offensive is most likely intentionally provocative, and should be treated as such. I can freely use these words in a linguistic context because in such contexts, the word is a subject of examination rather than something used to refer to other people - but I would quite carefully avoid using the same words when chatting with my friends in a public place.


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