Should I Report Racist Things on Official Server

So my sister was running around on an official server last night and she came across a large base built by a clan, and they had these signs up all around their base with derogatory, racist, and just plain hate speech type stuff written on these signs.

Should I report this?

One example…the clan has built a room full of furnaces that they have named “Jew Ovens”… quite shocking to see that kind of speech. But there were many more examples. Their thrall wheels are named with “N word” phrases intended to be racist hate speech.

Any suggestions?

Uh, that’s is pretty much your call. What does your moral compass tell you? Things like this is against the terms of service.

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YES! Report as soon as possible and don’t forget to take screen shots to include with your report!


If you feel that you have a case, submit a report to ZenDesk:

They will review your report and may or may not decide to take actions.


Report anything racist straight way ,as Harper said get screen shots of the chat and name of the player


Can confirm if you screen grab that stuff and send it to them they will investigate and take appropriate action.

I reported a clan for doing something similar and they got banned for a period.

I’m not advocating racism in any form but I do wonder… what ever happened to the attitude and saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

This was a popular saying back in the 70’s.


I know this is a radical idea, but… have you tried to talk to them about it?

I know its a very unpopular idea these days to actually talk to one another, but it used to be customary to actually try to work out issues before involving a third party or go around canceling someone because they said something offensive.

Step one: talk to one of them
Step two: if they still aren’t listening, take someone along with you to talk to them again.
Step three: then if they still aren’t listening, then report the issue to an admin. If no admin, then Funcom.

But banning someone ought to the last option, not the first option.


Profound stuff man. Thanks for posting that :+1::+1:

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Nice video. I think the author missed the point in the saying though. All the stuff he goes on to say is why names “should” never hurt you.

Really like it though :+1:

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Twitter. Didn’t you read the warning label? It causes words to become highly acidic and erode the thickness of skin with prolonged use, resulting in painful burns.

Anyway, yeah, when I hear or see people making accusations of racism these days, benefit of the doubt should go to the accused. Especially with the current trend of accusations being made at the drop of a hat. (And that’s putting it nicely.) The examples given though, those kind of things have always been over the line. Even before Twitter.


I’ve reported stuff like this before (I used to get symbols and other things built on my lawn…)

Never seen any of them go bye bye over years. Most of them get bored and leave… Times change.

If by chance, nothing happens, you can report it via Sony tools, And they more often then not do not take kindly to it.

Like others have said, report it. If it’s judged serious enough something will be done.

I also used to believe that it could be that simple, until I was on the sharp end. Racism is like the death of a thousand cuts; each hit might be tiny but something always bleeds out a little. In the end something in you dies, or at least gets cold enough that it feels the same.

It should have no place in a game.


A lie can travel half way around the world before the truth can get it’s boots on. All the more reason to encourage freedom of speech. Yes, even for hate groups. Perhaps even especially for hate groups. Why? Several reasons, but chief among them is what happens when the label of “hate group” itself is a lie. Think about it.

“Hey, come on guys. That’s not cool. You’re taking things too far, so could you please take that down?”
“Oh, now that you’ve said something, I guess you’re right. I’ll remove that and tone things down.”

Believe it or not, there was a time when that was fairly common. Would be good if we could at least try to get back to that instead of trying to get people blacklisted from society for saying something that some people thought was mean on Twitter.

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You mean other than the last 244 ish years of rapid progress and freedom? See, the thing you’re really not getting here is that denying freedom of speech is extremism. It is the very thing you think people need to be protected from “because they just can’t think for themselves”. (Which is an incredibly disturbing statement for someone to make, by the way.) You manipulate people by denying them access to information and ideas, good or bad. Not by exposing them to it. That’s the very reason that the action of book burning has the associations that it does.

We’re getting way off track here though, so I’m afraid I’ll have to just leave it at that.

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Wow, everybody thank you for your input. Normally I would consider talking, but the state of their brazenness seems to indicate that no amount of talking will change their minds. I mean, the anti-Semitic slurs are enough to tell me that they have no shame.

I will report.

Thanks again everyone. I’m sorry that you had to hear about it.


I would report it and let Funcom decide whether its an acceptable gaming environment.

I agree. We are here to play a game and have fun, not solve issues of race relations.

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No, it’s not. It’s amazing how many people still get this wrong here in United States. “Freedom of speech” does not mean “freedom from consequences”. There is no law that forbids making furnaces in a video game and naming them “Jew ovens”. There is also no law protecting you from being booted off the same game for doing that.

Your freedom to express yourself isn’t infringed.

As for the 244-ish years of rapid progress and freedom, it’s really a rabbit hole we don’t wanna dive into on these forums. I’m glad you’re proud of this country, but let’s not get into that debate right here and now.