Thankyou Funcom for the New Rule Changes!

Well peoples, it would seem that Funcom has been taking stock of our discussions regarding the behavioural problems on Official Servers, and have recently revised and tightened up the rules surrounding official server use. Most of you will now see this at the top of the Forum’s list of threads:

Funcom, thankyou so much for taking this issue and the concerns of the community so seriously. While I know that this will likely mean more work for you all, and there may be some bumps along the way, I trust that in the long run it will lead to an overall happier, healthier community of players. You guys have shown guts; you all stood up and made the hard call even though some will not agree. I now somehow respect your company even more than before. Bravo Funcom!


Agreed…as much as i am pretty much done with the game as an everyday player (because 2 years 3000+ hours, and pvp in general is a just a mess not even counting the new Horse + OP thrall fighting that is on the horizon), i applaud the step up to at least list what is and isn’t acceptable. I for one, may log in now and then to be a hunter of cheaters. Just go server to server, capture video and images, and report. Just because i think cheaters need their punishment, even if i have lost the fire to continue…


Trust in the plan for now. I know things look grim on the PvP side of the fence at the moment, and I agree with you guys that thralls are pretty overpowered at the moment. But I predict that once Funcom has finished fully implementing the coming changes/updates to Followers, THEN they will begin the fine tuning and rebalancing. Like the Mounts approach; get the system in place then adjust it as we go.


They should wipe all the official servers or check them, are full of people blocking stuff.


There is a guide to reporting the issues, if you think this is happening on your server. Follow that guide and report it. Report only facts, include as much info (pictures / videos) as you feel is necessary. I believe Funcom has finally had all the nonsense they were willing to put up with and will be cracking down on offenders. I for one am very happy to see this stance from Funcom.


Some of these changes are good…some are…ehhh…too carebear like for pvp servers. I refer to the “blocking or resources”, its too vague. I mean, the brimstone lake has been a hot topic…but what happens when they are flooded with reports “oh I farm stone there and they are blocking it”. Insert any other material in place of stone. If youre on PVP, blow it up, but on PVE/PVE-C I can see more of an argument. There are meta spots to farm certain materials, and it may differ for some people. Pretty soon people will complain about every base location.

Also, they are very very vague on the issue of offensive language. Im just curious, as to a game set in barbaric times, with nudity and slavery…are words and trollish clan names really that bad people get hurt emotionally about it? I can see exactly where this came from and where its going. The Covid 19 clan name discussion is where this stems from. What one person finds comical or trollish, another finds offensive. And, with Funcom at the helm, it is ultimately their call. So, can a person report a clan name for example if its role playing or lore related, but in line with something bad? Example, a clan name “Dark Bandits”. Can I say its racist to associate “Dark” as a reference to black people and “Bandits” to thievery…meaning the clan owner is purposely pushing the idea of black people being thieves? Now, obviously 99% of people know this is not the case, and myself, I really don’t care (maybe they like dark clothing and they raid a lot, who knows, who cares) but its that 1% that will whine and cry and those people COULD be banned for that name. I guess its like the discussion of “hate speech is not free speech”, who gets to determine what is bad and what isn’t, and how consistant will it be? I mean, you can make a case about any clan name being offensive if you put the effort in. I think this is truly unnecessary.

Undermeshing, duping, exploiting, those changes I agree with and totally agree with banning those that are doing it.

I don’t know…I don’t see some of these changes as truly moving the game forward, but rather catering to the minority.


Stretching a bit here. Yes, it will make some people complain about everything…but Funcom will have to use thier judgement.

My rule of thumb on offensive words in a very public area is, if i said this word in front of a large crowd of people who have negative experiences with it, will i come out alive?

to most posters in general, it is just a word. But to some it brings back memories of horrible things in thier life. And the more people that have that feeling based on that word, then the more likey it should not be acceptable in a genaral virtual world.

Keeping it simple, Nascar just had an issue with a certain word. And one driver basically said, The driver that said it, said it way to easily, with out regard of the meaning to a very large group of people. the problem isn’t the word, but that it has been normalized to not realize the negatives it really means, and the context of using to make the other person feel less than what they should. And based on who i grew up with, and the culture i have been adopted by, i could us e that word. But i don;t, because the history of that word is not mine to own and forgive.

We thought Conan Exiles was to be a sucky place. Thats what the into movie we have to watch several times a day shows.

Meet the sucky head on, We do.

Really happy to see Funcom set their foot down on this matter. “Go to a private server” or “run your own server” should never have had to become the best (let alone default) advice to deal with griefers.

While this may result in more work for the team, hopefully a clearer picture of what is and isn’t allowed will balance this by being a deterrence factor. I just hope that there is strong and visible follow thru so there can be no doubt from the community that consequences are more than just a threat.


Yes, that is a stretch, but look at the stuff weve seen posted in the forums. SOMEONE WILL report people for stuff like this, when in my mind…its a waste of time. You may not have seen it, but there was a post after mine that already proved my point, though it appears to have been deleted.

It was basically “the alphas are toxic, they use bad language, they attack everyone and have bases everywhere”.

^^^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^ is the example I was referring to. Someone gets upset by being wiped out by a larger force (that sure, may use foul language, they have lots of bases and they attack everyone) and so long as they are not cheating/exploiting, there is nothing wrong with it. This person got beat, they lost, but want Funcom to ban the alphas because of it.

I sure hope this doesn’t backfire on people.

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so wipe all the servers and piss off most of your customers for what?

They have thousands of free official servers there is no way for them to micro manage servers on that scale.

Whats stopping people from blocking after the wipe? This game doesn’t have the revenue to pay people to monitor every official. Do you want to start paying a monthly service for them to hire people to micro manage you? Its a silly idea you guys never actually think about.

Just buy your own private server OR find a private server that manages their server in a decent way.

I think I know what post you are talking about, and if it is, then i actually flagged it because it named names. My follow up seems to be have been removed as well, where i asked the poster to follow the guidelines set forth to report (no name, etc. contact Funcom directly thru DM). I finished that with, if Funcom is trying to remove as much toxicity and exploiting as possible, the least we can do is follow the process, and make sure we have valid complaints. There is also a sub-section about reporting that basically says, if you keep crying wolf or falsifying evidence, you may be punished.


But you see, nothing has changed in terms of griefers/exploiters. Its still the same old “get proof and submit it to Funcom”. To me, all it needs to be is the name of the clan on building pieces undermeshed, and a screen shot of the players in that clan. Boom, all banned…nice and simple.

The harassment topics are unchanged, provide evidence and report it. If RL stuff occurs, contact local authorities.

What HAS changed, is the language people use as character names and or clan names…which in todays society doesn’t surprise me, but does disappoint me. Does that clan name offend you? Report it and ask for them to be banned. Trust me, people will complain about ANYTHING they don’t like, and you can see my example above, “Dark Raiders”. If you can laugh at that and think its not bad, what about “Black Santas”? Same thing right? How many would be upset with that name…so what about “White Santas” then? Nope, just as bad. (Reason I brought up the Black Santas, I recall a clan a while back on a server that made all their toons darfari, with white hair and beards. They died their raid armor red, and told people on the server if they didn’t put chimneys on the roofs of their bases for them to come steal stuff, the “Black Santas” would come and blow their base up for being naughty. Funny and kind of role playing. How many you think will call that racist?)

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Because thousands of peopel died in the Black Santa wars. [sic].

People know a majority of the trap words, that is the main reason they use them. Using examples that do not have a KNOWN human history of being oppressive, genocidal, derogatory, or harbor some heinously negative context does not help your case.

And TBH, most that use the trap words we should all know as grown ups, are the ones who genuinely do not care about the game and health of the offfcial servers. They are more than often using those words for selfish amusement. That is all i will say on this.


It makes me wonder what conclusions others should draw about you if THIS is what most concerns you… :thinking:


Simple, there is far worse things in life then a few trolls using words that hurt people feelings. Seriously…words on a screen.


You do actually bring up a good point. When people see or think about racism or slavery, it always seems to stem back to the US 250 years ago. Sure, it happened. Sure, it was wrong.

But go back further in time, or in other places in the world. There is racism and slavery and all kinds of negative things done to people who are not black. Case in point, who sold the slaves to America? Hint, it was black Africans. Know what is interesting right now in our time? White Africans are being slaughtered in Africa right now, yet no one puts that all over the media.

Point is, people get offended by (right now) “black”, the “N” word, and slurs like that. Yet, rarely do they complain when its about other races.

Now, I am not like this in game, I do not speak like that, and I condone using that language. But, if I see it, I shrug it off. Someone calls me something? I laugh at it. Know why? Its words, they are meaningless, and come from trolls.

Now we have Funcom that will be the word police punishing those that use bad words, in a 18+ game full of nudity, slavery, wars and bloodshed. Kinda odd isn’t it?

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Why are you thanking them? I spent two months following their guidelines with videos and pictures of the exploiters on 1110, The Russian no name clan. I reported to Hugo and to Ignasis and what did I get? " Thanks for the report we’ll forward it "

The Russians are still here, still undermeshing, still speed hacking and DDOSing and they haven’t been removed, they raided numerous clans on the servers using rhinos to undermesh inside people’s bases, they even blocked the brimlake though that’s not against the rules of the game, combined with the rest of their actions though they’ve done a very good job of killing the server.

I’m not blaming Hugo or Ignasis though, they’re simply the inbetween guys who likely have no power to fix any of the issues, the higher ups though have blatantly ignored reports from numerous players about them.

To quote one of my friends on discord.

Tell him my friends quit because of ■■■■■■■■ like that

Tell him these were people owning big community hubs encouraging people to play conan in the past

Game needs a proper anti cheat built up and all these old exploits need to go already

And people want to THANK THEM? What a bloody laugh, I’ll thank them when the No name Russian clan of exploiters have been banished from 1110 and from Conan overall so they don’t ruin anyone else’s fun.

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  • Irresponsible abuses of the building system leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

this rule is unclear, for example, people are building a large base so that no one built nearby trebuchet.