Dear Funcom (A Server Owner Letter)

I run a Conan Exiles roleplaying server.

Let me tell you where a solid 90% of my frustration and stress has come from: Your company.

First it was the zero point error wreaking havoc on our server and our hardware. Then we discovered that for whatever reason, the bug doesn’t occur on the Savage Wilds map: (More than your team figured out.) Hosav himself, figured out your bug more than you did. Perhaps you should consider hiring some of these modders onto your team because they seem to care about your game more than you do.

At this point I know I’ll be banned off of your forums so I may as well continue and hope that one of your employees who matter actually reads it. When you make updates to the game, and a game breaking bug occurs, why is it that you don’t seem to care? That it just isn’t a priority for you?

2.4: Doors, Elevators, Horns, any other usable object is not usable unless you belong to the clan who placed it down. That is quite literally a game breaking bug: For PvE servers, PvP servers, and roleplaying servers alike. You tell us you’re aware of it, and that you’re working on it. Any other company, even small indie companies with a crew of JUST TWO PEOPLE would have had a FIX for this by now considering how utterly GAME BREAKING it is. You don’t even care enough about the people who buy your game to give them basic game functions. Your game is being glued together by the most popular modders. Pippi, Thrall Wars, EEWA, IMMERSE, Immersive Armor, Roleplay Redux, etc. Your Modders work tireless hours to compensate for your gross negligence and quite frankly your entire team should break out in a mass apology to the entire modding community for how you handled 2.4’s release. I’ve watched them have emotional breakdowns over trying to fix YOUR failure. Shame on you.

I won’t EVER buy another game from your company. I won’t purchase another DLC, I won’t purchase another expansion unless I see your dedication and attitude towards your modding community and player base do a DRASTIC turn around.


They already are aware of this issue as it were not intended :slight_smile:

Have a good day but thx for the feedback

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The ironic thing about this statement is that pretty much every author of the mods you listed have direct talks with Funcom directly though the modding discord. And in some cases the changes that affect mods were actually requested from the modding community.

So let me explain this one. In the end of 2017, there was a push to have Conan Exiles meet a deadline. You could argue that push was foolish, dumb, or whatever. But it happened, it was over three years ago (and well if you bought the game after the fact you accepted the consequence… those of us who bought it before… well we actually have more of a leg to stand on to complain, but that’s neither here nor now). Systems were locked in, and it was shipped.

Since then. And for most of 2020. They have been working at tearing out the floorboards to redo the foundation. This is what causes the issue that breaks mods every patch. Why are they doing this? To add more features for them to develop on, and for us modders to tinker with. It gives us more options. In case you hadn’t noticed, mods stagnated in 2019-2020. Sure many were stable. But new ones were few and far between.

Now there is more features and methods and blueprints for us to mess around with, there has been a large increase in mods in 2021. Existing mods with active development have gotten tons new features. Look at Pippi in just the last 2 weeks. You’re going to tell me the Pippi of today is worse than Pippi a year ago? No, of course not.

I have admined on various servers (some PVP, some RP, some both). And I have found that 90% of issues that admins and owners have, is due to ignorance. You are apparently no exception to this. This issue here:

You go on a whole tirade about something you know absolutely nothing about. Doing the typical ‘funcom bad’, ’ they don’t care’, and ‘I’m not buying another product’. Going full on karen asking to see the manager in here.

If you’re going to act like this as a server owner, here’s my recommendation. If you actually have a community of players. Do them a favor and send them elsewhere, or at the very least hand off the database to someone else. This kind of unpredictable facetious behavior is not fair to them. They don’t deserve to log on the game one day and find their bases, characters, and stories dead in the water because the server owner threw a tantrum.


Hosav is freaking awesome. He’s got my deepest respect. I wonder how he would feel about being used as an excuse to throw a hissy fit.

“Game breaking”?

Are you a modder? Because most modders I know are very happy with how Funcom improved things for the modding community over the past months.


Because before maprooms and horses and elevators, we could not leave our bases.
I remember those days, sitting in my base and crying. . .oh wait, I dont.
FYI, the elevators were never a planned part of the game.
One of the Devs worked on this on his own time from home, and Joel said to go ahead and add it to the game.


For social and RP servers, yes, it is quite “game breaking”.

Speaking as an Admin on an RP server, this bug actually has such a massive impact on our set up we’ve decided to remain down until it’s fixed. We have multiple admin builds where we have set up all the crafting tables for people to be able to use, a public maproom, and, since we use Age of Calamitous, we also have public builds to train their magic system, and on TOP of all that, we have multiple Admin created dungeons and scripted questlines that, well, simply don’t work due to the bug.

Does it make the game completely unplayable? No. Does it break the game? For certain types of servers, most certainly.

Now, unlike the OP I’m not going to lash out at Funcom and say I’m not buying anymore of their stuff. The bug is nasty, but they’ll squash it. It is my hope that it comes sooner, rather than later, and I do wish they would be more transparent with how it is coming along, but I understand game development is a complicated thing where different interacting systems can behave strangely.


Yes, it’s game breaking for private servers that use mods which broke due to this bug. I understand the frustration, but anyone who uses mods needs to be aware of the risks they assume by using them.

As Mr. Frost would say, “and that has made all the difference” :slight_smile:

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What is this cringe?



So many judgmental fans here.

OP has a point and a reason to be upset. He has every right to be upset when Funcom repeatedly breaks portions of the game, which does have a direct impact on populations of private servers. Maybe his community or server also had complaints, its his job as server owner to fix it, and that might just mean venting on the forums. Posting help or solutions or anything like that does nothing, since Funcom isnt Santa, who grants everyone their wishes.

Let the guy vent. Save the criticism for where it belongs - the ones making the mistakes.


In my opinion, the game is far from broken, actually, i’m having a very good time playing it, the best in a long time. But i’m a solo player, and tend to keep on my own rather than depend on other people buildings.

But don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong to get banned, many people are angry at FC and that has been the status quo since i know their company, buying less from them and letting other people know your bad experience is in fact the best you can do as customer. Although as far as i know, modders are not being neglected, is just that after every patch mods tend to get messy and they have to “catch up” to the current patch. Conan Exiles is already a messy game, one that has changed a lot since its release and frankly, the vast majority of those changes have been for the best of the game, some others not so much.

Maybe it would be a nice time to see how the game feels without using maprooms, perhaps they can finally remove them from the game, as a craftable building at least. :^)

Hi! Lots of passionate feedback in this thread. :slight_smile:

We understand the frustration of the OP and plan to have a fix for placeables not being usable by those outside your clan this week (probably tomorrow, but gonna leave it open in case something blocks it last-second).

Keep an eye out on the forums, social media, Steam, etc. for news when it drops!


I’m not really complaining about the things broken that come from mods mods have to adapt (and if I was going to complain, I’d complain about how I think it was patch 1.8 broke AoC’s mounted magic capability). The map room, common crafting and meeting areas, Admin built dungeons, those can all be constructed under the base game without any mods (though you’d need an admin around to populate a dungeon without Pippi), but cannot really be done at this time due to this bug. Those last two are very important to RP and Social servers especially.

Now, I’ll grant the bug is amplified for folks using mods over those poor souls just playing vanilla, but that shouldn’t really count against those of us frustrated with it.

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Seriously, I’m not shy about dishing out my criticism of Funcom. I’ve done plenty of that and I don’t intend do stop. And I’ve generally managed to stay civil while doing it.

So has @Peregry, for that matter. Apparently, it isn’t that hard to express frustration and stay polite.

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For sure, and the OP vented and kept it PG13. There has been alot of other threads far worse then this. Im sure what he didnt need was people telling him that its not that bad, or trying to shame him for being upset.

As easy as it is to stay polite when criticizing, its equally as easy not to bash the OP of a thread for complaining, but rather read the thread and leave it.


I agree with you, but even though OP wasn’t trying to win a popularity contest, his message would’ve been better received if he had just followed the Forum Guidelines.


This being an open discussion allows for us to criticize criticisms. And what they need or don’t need is not our responsibility.

No offence, but the forum community is the last place I personally would look for aid or comfort. I’ve got friends, family, and God forbid, VA for that. :grin:

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Im curious what rules he broke.

Calling people Karen because you disagree with their complain isnt criticism. Its unnecessary to the discussion. Thats my point. Let the guy vent, it doesnt harm you in any way, shape or form. If hes wrong, so be it, let him look like a clown. If hes right, then hes right.

Or, imagine it like this, if you still think its fair to ‘criticize’ in such a way. Every post you make from now on, someone replies with “oH cOmE oN fAnBoI kArEn, ItS nOt ThAt Bad”

It provides nothing to the topic at hand, and is just unnecessary.


None. Had he actually broken the rules, he would’ve been flagged by multiple people and the mods would’ve closed the thread.

Instead, what @DaVice said is that the message would’ve been better received if it had followed the guidelines.

I don’t know about @Taemien, but when I call someone “Karen”, it’s because they’re behaving like a “Karen”. It’s a criticism of their behavior, not of their message.

Look, if you and I are in a diner and you start yelling at a waitress (or a waiter), I ain’t gonna sit by and keep quiet.

I don’t care that your food came out late and cold, don’t be a dick about it.

I don’t care that every time you ask for a sweetener with your coffee they forget to give it to you and your friend has to dig some out of her purse, don’t be a dick about it.

If the chef defecated in your soup, walk out and don’t come back. Sue them. Sic the health inspector on them. Write a bad review. But don’t be a dick to the staff.

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Thats actually bullying, calling people names, and which we both know is against Funcoms rules. Weve discussed this before, and while it doesnt bother ME, it might bother someone else, right? :wink:

Now this needs context, because you could write a review just like the OP did on this restaurant, saying how they have done a terrible job with their sole purpose of serving food. Maybe the restaurant came up with a new awesome idea of preparing/serving the food, and as a result, it was slower, less then ideal and peoples food being cold is the result.

The OP’s exact statement could be said about this restaurant, right down to the last paragraph saying they will not support it any more until its fixed. Which, he is right to do so if he is an unhappy customer (in Conan as well as our example)

Youve already stated that he didnt break any rules, so we know that hes fine in his criticism of Funcom for breaking the game on his servers in his eyes.

My point is hes being unfairly criticized and mocked/bullied for his opinion…or how he voiced it…which again, theres nothing wrong with. I dont think he was a dick at all. Hes mad due to some blotched updates and is venting.

Wouldnt you voice your concerns about a restaurant serving cold food, messed up orders and horrible server in the same way?