Dear Funcom, from a fan

i ty to keep it short as you surely are super busy.

I love how you are one of the few game companies that still care about customers and pur hearts blood into their games. I really love your games of the conan franchise (Age of Conan and Conan Exiles) putting thousands of hours in both.

I am playing on multiple servers with mods and well, at some point id wish instead of adding and adding to exiles what modders already did and fixing issues that werent there before, while not updating the exiled map, youd make one well working version and then leave it at that to continue your efforts to new projects.

Im pretty sure a witcher 3 style open world RPG or Age of Conan 2 could be great successes!

The constant patches for Exiles, the many fixes needed after patches (including mods) really make it tough to continue playing as sometimes you manage to get all your friends together for some action just ti find out the constant patches and modupdates make it impossible to play that day…or the next. And its another weekend ruined. I would however absolutely love more Conan franchise games and i am positive that you are the only current studio that can (or will) do them right, with all the censorship going on atm, ignoring the lore of the franchises they have, you may be our only hope of decent realistic games

Thank you

Disagree. This topic comes up from time to time, but disagree. Not to mention the forums would be on fire with players saying “Funcom abandoned the game”, not to mention unresolved goals and bug fixes.

Funcom is entitled to do as they please with their own game. If they want to keep updating for years to come, I encourage them to do so. Not updating anymore because “mods break” is not a valid reason. What about consoles, or people who don’t use mods? Guess they should be left and forgotten?

Finally your criticism of them adding features available in mods already is just silly. Every day there are players who ask that Funcom update the game with x,y,z features form (insert mod here). Funcom is absolutely also allowed to implement features into the game, whether or not mods did it first. And once again, not everyone has access to mods. A substantial amount of players in fact.

I’m a mod author whose been working on mods for over 3 years. My mods break from an update? Fine, I’ll update them. Not an issue for me, I would rather the game continue to grow then to stop updating cause “mods break.”


Because consoles don’t exist, right? And people on official servers should all just go pick a private server or play in singleplayer, yes?

The Exiled Lands map does not have a lot more room for updates. That’s why they had to make a new map. And also why they haven’t focused on Exiled Lands in the last few months, because they were working on that new map.

Wait, where have you been all this time? :wink:

I will never understand people who claim they enjoy the game in the same breath in which they ask for the devs to abandon it.

As someone who actually enjoys Conan Exiles, how about no?


I feel your pain. One of three teammates went into a load screen during the Purge last night, and his client locked. It took several reloads to get him into the world, and if we hadn’t been there, bad stuff would’ve happened. He and my other clanmate @Cauthey work hard both irl and in CE, and their leisure time is valuable. We were having a blast and then… :skull_and_crossbones: *

Believe me, we’ve been through this before, your pals will understand. The connectivity Funcom is adding should build more users into the playerbase, so our servers have more activity. It’s pain for a good reason.

About your piece on “not updating the exiled map,” may I add my retort: while I was, like all long-time players, concerned Siptah would take resources away from my favorite game, I was at the same time DELIGHTED that Siptah might take resources away from Conan Exiles. We need balance passes, spit and polish, some magic, city life and we’re done. But no major changes to the map, it’s perfect.

I have been playin since CE was just desert. Every expansion has brought wonder and intense exploration. But when I recently returned to the game I also started looking in old places and have discovered some gems. Some true, magical places. There is love in the land still, it’s just applied gradually.

* Side note: thank you to the Community for making it clear (prior to Raid/Purge) there was a problem with load screens. All three of us were well-armed with the details. Thank you also to @Community for allowing these bulletins to go out without “censorship.” A lot of companies squelch early, and angry, bug reports.


You have to wonder why there hasn’t been one, considering there is tons of ready made lore and story content to work with.

^^ THIS. Here here! Thank you, thank you, you solid community you. <3


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