A simple X vs Y. Fancon vs Modders. Funcom vs Free! + a 61GB update! WTH?

Only by seeing the expressions on Joel Bylos face at the start of the stream, you already understand why this is a simply another fart from Funcom…another unfinished money grab…

We get a new game which is still the same game Conan Exiles: The Exiled Lands. We get probably a amazing map(graphic wise) Thumbs Up to the guys that do this kind of work for Funcom.

I have a simple question Funcom. Why do we even get Early Access? Again?! Really?!


Conan Exiles: The Exiled Lands is still in Early Access, in no way it’s looking like a finished game…without the MODDING COMMUNITY you would NOT have a game, Funcom. BY allowing modders to create their own game, really , Thank You(x1) Fancon.

What happend with “We will only put dlc’s under Buy to Play model and any other additions to the base game will be for free?” Oh no, they give us a “new game” in Conan Lore…Lucky, very lucky Funcom to own The Conan World…only so they can ask for even more money. Thank you(x2) Fancon :wink:

Now that Conan: Isle of Siptah comes on Early Access, we get to test the same core game once again!Thank you(x3) Fancon!
Seriously? No way :slight_smile: or maybe still?

The modders already achieved, what and how, Funcom failed to do…For FREE(y1)!!

  1. Modders gave us Sorcery. Beleive it or not, the core game really has sorcery orbs, poison,potions and some Star Wars lasers…According to Creative Director : Joel Bylos.For free(y2).
  2. Modders made Conan Exiles playable for Role Players (basicly Funcom’s current game population). For Free(y3).
  3. Modders added the North-East part of The Exiled Lands, thing which Funcom said it is not possible! hmm? For free(y4).
  4. Assets,Arts,Building Sets…and everything else…For free(y5).

US the ones that PLAY your game we got all of this for FREE(y6) from OUR AWSOME modders.

Thank You(x4) Fancon for giving us the chance to keep on testing current unfinished Conan Exiles: The Exiled Lands! And the new unfinished Conan: Isle of Siptah! Thank You(x5) Fancon!
Now… i will most likely buy this one also, making Conan Exiles game the most expensive piece of unfinished crap i own… Thank you(x6) Fancon! :wink:

I’m a real Funcom supporter. Age of Conan, Secrect Worlds was not enough for me. Thank you FANCON(x7).

X wins over Y by 7 to 6. GG FANCON!

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Btw, it is spelled Funcom and you can continue playing the old map with as many free mods as you want. That doesn’t change.



61.3GB update?

Funcom WTH??? I do not even freaking pwn this “new game” of yours…why am i forced to download such a tremendous update???

seriously wtf??

Because that’s how many games nowadays work (and some back in time as well), the content is ALWAYS there, the DLCs are just there to unlock the content.

A huge update hits with new/changed mechanics, tons of new gear and a complete map. Two hours later kids start whining and moaning how their mods are not working.

61GB is a problem for you, seriously?! Maybe throw that potato pc out of the window and buy a new one. Don’t blame funcom for you spending all your money on new iPhones instead of building a decent PC.


How is it funcom vs modders? Funcom gives modding support and modders add their vision to the game through their mods. It’s a healthy working relationship that you clearly have no involvement in besides being an incredibly annoying bystander. You should retitle your post Funcom & Modders vs the Ingrate Forum posters.

Like really, I genuinely can’t even understand what the point of your post is. It’s an chaotic mess of spelling errors and poorly thought out word diarrhea.


@Jimbo Annoying is good my friend. I’m glad that my “dump” has reached your eyes :wink:

The point of my post is that Funcom is a greedy company…the game is a mess after the 2.0 update(with or without mods).
They ask 19.99 EU for it, instead of giving it out for testing…Open Beta like…Once out of testing phase you can ask for 19.99…
But no…they sell us Conan Exiles once again…Because when 2.0 will be released next year the price will be 40 EU…for the same freaking game…
That’s my point mate…have a nice dump while reading my dump once again…

@CodyMonster Potato is the game mate, not my PC…Money, iPhones…decent PC…you my friend live in the perfect world…

61GB is not only the new map
The game was already big before this update it did not grown 61GB

The game is 105GB on my disk, this is 2020 games become larger, be happy instead of salty.

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