Maybe funcoms real goal

Okay its friday and still all is messed up, so after all our ignored complains these days an idea is starting to take shape: what if Funcoms wants this mess and just wants to make an excuse to close down the game that is not profitable for them anymore, its a pay to play game so they cant just switch it off as if it was free to play. They need an excuse and whats a better excuse that simply the game doesnt work properly.
Some players, many, have already left and the remaining population will not justify a full maintenance team.
So they close down Exiles and concentrate on the next Ripp off for all of us that will be the Dune project.
Sounds crazy but its crazier the way they are behaving ignoring all our claims and not being able to sort all this mess out.



No. Just, no.


If it wasn’t profitable for them and they wanted to shut it down, they wouldn’t waist money and resources on some convoluted thing, they would just shut it down.


To further elaborate on Multigun’s answer:

It’s Funcom’s game. They don’t need excuses. If they wanted to pull the plug, they could just pull the plug without any smoke and mirrors.

As wild conspiracy theories go, yours isn’t particularly good.


Its not funcoms game its mine or your game as soon as you buy it.

Funcom keeps the maintenance but the game when you pay it is YOURS.

Best reply ever…

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They are developing the tech for their Dune game and applying it in Conan, expect Conan to be around for a while.



Okay its friday and still all is messed up,

Its saturday now, by the way ,except u not living in some wild west … :smiley: its really is messed up

Check out other topic " Why conan will never be fixed" there is images too and for me i counted what bugs i got :smiley:

It’s not even a problem for me. I’ve been taking full advantage until there is a fix… finding the highest peaks and counting the seconds until the bottom.

Didn’t even include 5G towers, 0/10 conspiracy theory.


In 2009 Capcom closed down all online servers in Monster Hunter tri, people paid for that game, and the reason of closing down the servers and leaving all players unable to conect or play was that they were launchng a new version of the game in a diferent console.
Ive been playing Morpg games since 2004 and know that when a company like Funcom does a patch that fu…ks up the whole game there is no way back because they dont care a sh…it about us.
Who is happy with this patch, no new map extension, thralls are weaker, servers lost, im sure gportal is really complaining about the whole thing because people are cancelling all the rented servers.
And for the guy that said that games belongs to Funcom, kid your a real dude, when you buy and pay something its yours, grow up …what a real dude

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Oh thats easy, the game requires online connection at all times, do you know what provides internet connection?

Open your eyes!


Okay, let’s do an exercise: when you paid for Conan Exiles, what exactly became “yours”? Define it in the most specific terms you can.

If you say “the game”, that’s not specific at all. What do you mean by “the game is mine”? Is the art in it yours? Did you get any of the intellectual property? Copyright? No? So it’s not simply “the game”, it’s “the copy of the game”, right?

Okay, let’s go further. What can you do with that game? Are you legally allowed to charge other people for playing your copy of the game? Can you sell your copy to someone else if you don’t want to play it anymore? If you found someone willing to pay you money for an epic flawless Yamatai warlord armor you crafted in the game, would you be allowed to sell it to them? No? Then it’s not enough to say that you “own the copy of the game”, because that’s still too vague, and you should say that you have been “granted the right to play that game” and a whole bunch of legalese on top of that definition.

That’s what an EULA (End User License Agreement) is, and Conan Exiles has at least one associated with it, and the fact that you didn’t read it (and neither did I, to be honest), does not make you free from its legal consequences.

TL;DR: You paid for the right to play the game and that right can be unilaterally revoked by Funcom. They don’t have to make the game worse to pull the plug on it.


The facts do not agree with your supposition.

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Once again, the facts are in abeyance with your proclamation.

Particularly, from the EULA:

THE SOFTWARE AND SERVICE (INCLUDING IN-GAME FEATURES) ARE LICENSED, NOT SOLD, TO YOU UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Subject to the terms of this Agreement and your compliance with other agreements you may have with us, including acceptance of our Privacy Policy, we grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable license to do the following:”

Emphasis mine.

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Uh no, when you purchase a game in essence you are really only renting the product, much like leasing a car. You are given “permission” to use it. Several years ago White Knight Chronicles shut down their servers because maintenance costs outweighed sales (mind you, the maintenance costs were caused by hackers). They had every right to because it was their intellectual property.

I am not on the Funcom bandwagon, having said that, the fact that updates are still beieng released tells me they are still committed to the game. Sorry

The vast majority of society takes pride in their work. With that in mind, do you really think the devs are pushing the release of these broken updates or are they being forced to release them?

It will get better…in time, I have no doubt about that.


100% Kapoteeni, Multigun

I also think that we have to remember that a lot of people all over this fun, little ball of earth and water are in various stages of virus lock-down. The fact that devs and support thralls, for any company, can remain connected (likely from home) and whilst also worrying about loved ones/themselves, etc. - is amazing.

I can only imagine how draining the negativity in some of these channels are to people who have to check and monitor stuff. I do hope that all the staff/players tracking these many channels do not let it get to them.

The devs and support staff should be thanked profusely and any bugs should be reported in the correct format so they are easy to track and deal with. I think anyone else that works in tech environments knows, whether the customers rant or not, Management are worse and no staff welcome ‘Lessons Learned’ sessions…

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