This is Getting old and Tedious Funcom

Oh, here i am again…

Why would you release yet another Update in this state?

Why rush it out on live servers so fast?

What is the pourpose of Testlive nowadays? It surely feels like “live servers” is your current test playfield…

I do not get it, simple as that…please make us understand how can this even be possible…every SINGLE Update breaks the game in so many ways…the number of bugs that are currently in game grow with each update/patch…it will take years for you Funcom to fix At least Half of them?

How long can this go on? Because looking at the way you guys handle this Situation, it really does not look good for the Future of the game. To the point where you cannot fix the game at all.

So, Funcom…why keep on releasing such Updates? Please someone from the dev Team take the time and answer us…

(I do not want to Think about 2.2 and 2.3)…if 2.1 was this Bad… the other 2 Major Updates…oh dear god…


You know, I’d love to disagree with you, but I can’t, really. I’m not sure whether the breaking bugs of this patch were present in the TestLive build, but there are certainly things that WERE reported and still made it to actual Live.

Well perhaps in your conclusions I disagree a bit, because this doesn’t really ruin my day, but I can’t disagree that it’s turning people off the game, something it IMO really can’t afford to keep doing.


sincerely agreed.
the main problem of funcom devs is that
they don’t have certain level of respects and attitude towards to users and modders.
funcom !! u exist because of users and good modders.
why keep doing this disappointing behaviors?
and I donno why you do this kinda update in such a hurry.
like coty said, u could have used your test server for every kinda experiments to maintain certain compatibility level before u release it in poor condition.
these kinda actions over and over make people tired and weary.
why cant u see it?
just a little consideration and thought might have given users and modders enough time to prepare.
at least u could have told us the exact date and time for update ealier.

so disappointing. (sorry for my poor English skill)


No day ruined here either. I am between the players that could Run their game this time around. No “authentification failed”, no “fatal crash”, no mod conflict, just the usual missing stuff and bugs that have not ruined my game time yday After the Update.

What does disturb me is the fact that patches/Updates are thrown to us just for the simple fact of having them out.

This 2.1 bringed so many other players here on forums and not one of them has to say something good…that Freaks me out, seems Funcom is ok with it…

If every patch is in need of 3-4 hotfixes, Think about the downtime for Servers using mods( i find myself on repeating this, without Mods you won’t have a game now), Servers that do not run your poor 2.0 but have to deal with this NEW Wave of bugs and downtime created by all their “fail to fix” hotfixes…


Хотя бы написали что решают проблему ни на один сервер никто зайти не может((Бред

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This game its un Play now he die on one moth i think

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I think it’s the other way around. The company and the game were here before the users and modders. Also, Funcom made Conan Exiles moddable and we know who made who exist. Nice try.

Almost forgot:

Best regards.

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lol well without users and modders, can they go on as developers? well think about it first before saying something like “nice try” .


You don’t know what you’re talking about. Game makes alot of revenue from DLCs not from promoting mods.
You don’t even know you’re playing an early access expansion that’s still in development.
The only old and tedious things are these cringy posts.

Have a great day. :rofl:


Imagine Microsoft would turn Windows into an “early access” build from now to tomorrow :smiley:

“Sorry folks, bugs can happen, because early access!”

“You just lost that important PDF document because of a bug? Sorry, Windows is Early Access!”

And there is no build that you can use that is not early access.

In my honest opinion, siptah and all the 2.X updates should’ve been a testlive only thing until next year.


I would agree with you here, but i cannot… Only because this “early access” should only be for Siptah and not for the Base game…which have been sold since may 2018 as a fully released game.


The Early Access tag is fair as far as concerns things that apply to Isle of Siptah only.

The base game is long out of EA, and cannot (morally speaking) put itself back in that category. Legally speaking it doesn’t matter as nobody has a leg to stand on; consumer protection is an unknown concept in software and especially games.

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Yes it’s only for Isle of Siptah. The point is, that the main game feels like it is also in early access after the latest update(s) → untested and rushed.


I agree that the EA tag is no excuse for that. Nor do I necessarily see Funcom try and cover behind that, there’s no need for the community to do so, either.

Things that ARE fair to “excuse” include:
Shortage of content on Siptah
Bugs with Siptah-specific mechanics like the Maelstrom
Bugs in content from Siptah, like the Stormglass set
By “excuse” I mean it should be discussed/reported/feedback given, but anger or criticism has no place.
That’s obviously all just my opinion, people can do and say what they like.


The core game mechanics are being changed. I suspect that the original game was not expected to last nearly as long as it has, eclipsing all other Funcom games (to my limited knowledge).

Unfortunately, any change to the core game affects Exiled Lands too. But, keep in mind that players have demanded more map, more story, more, more, more. There was no way that the original game could handle the three regions and added new ones without servers tanking spectacularly (who knows re consoles). Logic suggests to make a generic, working base layer so you can add stuff to that.

I like to imagine that once the core game engine is reconfigured to handle modular additions, that Exiled Lands will be redone (likely only the South) so that players can start there. And then add Siptah, and then North, Pirates of the Swungle, etc.? Perhaps players would then be able to easily swap between modules without needing to re-roll?

Lastly, on the Server side. I rent a number of servers, but have to currnelt double-up so that Siptah is available. If things were more modular, from a server perspective, it may be able to run all the stuff on one server? Well, sounds nice :slight_smile:

Let’s wait and see. At least the game is still being updated and added to - unlike many other games.

(I do wish there deployment came across in a more best-practice way though: Dev Server to Test Server to Pre-Live Server to Live Servers, with insta-rollback if it fails. Same for all Dev PCs - post update, all dev PCs rerolled to That new standard so all old code and kit gone. Knowing Devs, it would be easier getting a teenager to pick up cloths :smiley: )

We all know that you are a big fanboy. It is at least questionable to label an expansion for a finalized game EA, it’s a bit of a poor excuse. And fact is, that this update is rushed, to say it politely. Missing recipes, game crashes on wild surges, corrupted patch files point clearly in a direction that this patch would have needed some proper time in Testlive. The bugs in this one are so prominent, they simply can’t have gotten through unnoticed

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If it compiles ship it … smile and wave boys… smile and wave :joy:

Honestly I did say several times that the dev team aren’t focused and the quality assurance is non existent. People would argue on behalf of Funcom popping off about software development process and how give the dev teams a break etc

I don’t mind today release. Never experienced a crash, found all the loop holes for the craft station benchmarks … and just to make our day even better not one mesher clan but now two … all on 6401 (even in after I warned Funcom staff they would migrate over)… so much for the anti mesh fix … and to make it worse they use a spot I told funcom weeks ago about.

In other words - the beatings will continue until moral improves.


Did anyone notice the Siptah rhinos turn pure white when they die … how … do you screw that up … :rofl::rofl:

Anti-meshing measures are not active on Siptah. They have already explained that in detail.


It is their game why do they have to do anything for a 3rd party? They never signed some agreement? No well then there is the answer.