OMG why?¿?¿?¿¿?¿?

Anybody that has been playing this game for a extended amount of time. At least two or more years should understand that most of these glitches/bugs that are happening with this new update. All of these glitches/bugs have been a problem in the past or fixed before and EVERY TIME FUNCOM HAS A BIG UPDATE. A lot of these old issues seem to come back? why is this not adjusted in the test live service where you should be able to catch this before it’s an issue when you release the update I do not understand why you cannot catch these bugs


Did you play on testlive? Did you help to provide feedback?


I do try to get on but unfortunately I have to go over to my friends and then I give my feedback from there :+1: I just would like to see them do one update and not bring back glitches / bugs that were previously in the game and fixed already


Welcome to MMO’s.

Seriously though, it is not uncommon when changing/updating content that has already been out (such as NPC behavior), that some old bugs will reappear. Stuff gets overlooked some times, it happens all the time in software development, even for companies like Microsoft.


Also remove everything valuable from followers at day before patch hits live… Xd

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All true… BUT.

I never seen a release date for an update.

Right and do not worry that if you do not log in for 7 days every thing will be gone from decay, right!!

I have said this many times before. The biggest problem that plagues FunCom is when they merge various development builds they reintroduce previously resolved bugs. They need to take some time and fix all the bugs in their various development builds so they are not merging old previously resolved bugs back into the live version of the game.


… and waiting for hotfixes every-single-censoredword-time should expose the fact that “testlive” is not working at all.
Not a single patch came out without the need of a fix.
And I couldn’t even try this new upgrade due to the massive amount of space it needed for installation (27GB).
So eating space on my PS4 to have “refreshing” game experiences that sink into hotfix sea of despair (that in PS4 world needs an ETA and so time and time to wait) was becoming a lil’ too m-asochist (why censoring this world?), even for me.

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