As a fellow professional software developer, may I make a radical suggestion?

Have you ever considered sanity testing before putting out updates?

How the hell are you not catching these bugs before the updates go out? Things like the workbench scrolling bug could be worked around, and the character being stretched in the inventory screen was merely cosmetic, but both should’ve been obvious. And now we have the “Fell through the world” death bug, which makes caves completely inaccessible (in my solo game, even after restarting the game!), and can also just seemingly happen at random.

Just playing the game in single player for not more than a day or two was enough to encounter these issues (I also encountered it when playing another separate game on a different PSN account with a friend hosting), and yet somehow these show-stopper bugs still make it into the updates? What the hell is going on at Funcom? I think you really need to take a very deep and careful look at your testing strategies.

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99 little bugs in the code 99 little bugs,
take one down patch it around,

147 little bugs in the code 147 little bugs


If you don’t have Console Dev kit to run and test it… it don’t get tested. And if only 1… its limited.
Considering next gens are at end of this year… maybe to late to nab a ps4/x1 dev console.

Who knows.

Some of them get reported on testlive for PC, and even make it to live… still. Not enough time… someone is dead set on time tables, and wont add 2weeks to testing or something.

Its area Funcom needs to improve on badly.

I has interest in Dune game, at same time… I’ve been here just for CE. And thou I enjoy the game. (love) I kinda question how much I would want Dune.

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