@Funcom Please may we have a bug list


I’ve had a look about but can’t find a list of known bugs.

Please could we have a list of acknowledged bugs which are queued for fixing?

The forum is full of threads reporting the same issues over and over.


Haha, yeah… I’ve been reading these forums for a couple weeks now. It’s not uncommon to see the same issues being reported in a half dozen or more threads within a span of just a few days. Some issues are reported way more frequently than that.

A pinned bug list would be helpful, but I’m sure the vast majority wouldn’t read it so in the end, maybe it’d be pointless.


… or at least public version of it


But for those of us who have been reporting these issues, it would be nice to see which of the bugs Funcom actually recognises as bugs and are actively working on. :slight_smile:


I agree. It would be helpful.


Yeah I can certainly start one. Was planning on doing that for all three platforms once the consoles have the parity patch that fixes warpaints and such. Not exactly sure when that patch will go out but we’ll push it as soon as we can.


I’ve been saying this for months, we need a public version of a buglist with a rating system, so that we can see what priority in fixing these bugs have.


That’s good to hear! Thanks.


Add my name to the people that want a list.


It also helps to have this bug-list so the user base can refer to it and know that the issue they have is known about and there is no need to over react, or that it is not on the list and they need to know about it… I wonder how many redundant emails they get on known issues?.. :smiley:


Emails in 2018? LUL


A buglist would be insanely helpful, it validates to posters that there is indeed a problem and that you guys have taken notice as well as cut down on some clutter.


I’m very curious to see if the stability issues regarding support beams will be fixed, because that is one is so frustrating that it’s making me hate the game. My wife hates playing it because of how long I spend fixing things that shouldn’t need to be fixed.


They Are afraid to People would freak out at the numbers after Release.


Well Spynosaur_Nicole already said she’d start one.

I don’t think people would freak out over the numbers. Most of the people coming here are likely doing so because they experienced a bug. If they see the bug they experienced in a buglist, they’d know that the developers are aware of it and are working on it. Seems like that’d help ease some of the tension and rampant discontent that I’ve seen around here.

A lot of bugs is fine, I just want to know that the developers have acknowledged them.


Well the testive patch doesn’t even mention the purge.
Also that was a tongue in cheek remark!!!
Well if they hired someone to answer our question we wouldn’t need some of these posts.
Also how do I join that list by Spynosaur?
Thanks ExNih


It’s not created yet, but I imagine it’ll be pinned to the bug report section once it is.


Ok thanks ExN
You have to admit one year later and still so many bugs is not looking good.
And to keep pushing the Purge and its been borked since 4- 25 I was told.
Thanks Again


No problem.

Yeah that’s about when it was broken on single player.


Well Again Thanks