I post a thread asking for acknowledgement and an ETA on a fix for consoles and you DELETE it?

Exactly what is “offensive” about asking you for an ETA on fixing a game you Launched and SOLD with so many problems? It’s like buying a car and you discover it has no engine , when you tow it back to the dealership they tell you "sorry , we dont want to talk to you, " Real nice guys. good stuff. Way to treat the community. Nothing more could have said “we dont care”


Funcom’s attitude and actions against paying customers are ridiculous. I have tried to contact them many times via email with different topics without getting an answer ONCE.


They did the same to me. Either use their janky broken bug report system or get your posts deleted.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Apologies for the missing posts, we will investigate why they were deleted.

In the meantime, we can say that the next update will happen soon. We are trying to make it happen to all platforms at the same time which implicates multiple certification processes. Therefore, we can’t give a specific date as it doesn’t rely solely on us.

We hope this helps clarify a bit. We’ll keep working to improve our communication and provide a better service! :slight_smile:


I’m going to guess that your tone was a problem, maybe your language choice?

Craft polite sentences, despite how you feel. You can communicate your frustration in a polite way very easily.

Try that.

so updates are held back due to certification to release cross platform? is this why hotfixes are rare/slow typically for a PC game?

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This info helps quite a bit. It gives us hope, thats what were looking for. Thank you.





:thinking: :smile: :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

This here should be an official announcement.

A lot of us lurkers are slogging through a buggy 3.0, checking forums daily for a sliver of information of an update.

Mount issues, drinking problems, purple textures, flashing thrall health bars,. (keeps babbling a long list of issues on pc official servers)

I’ve been frustrated.

This is the first thing posted from someone on the Funcom side that’s been helpful to read.


Usually these threads are removed because someone decides to start putting content that describes how to exploit the game. I don’t believe FC cares too much about tone as much as purposely promoting others to cheat in efforts to expedite the fix.

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@ KittKatt
damn, its like you are inside my head…reading my thoughts…

inside my head


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2 months :slight_smile: Since some of the current bugs was reported (yes reported during testlive). :slight_smile:


Maybe the removed posts are related to the overzealous censorship and unwarranted flag waving that appears so common place on this forum.

From this end, fc has enough to deal with. Hiding reports by flagging them is not helpful.

The general abuse of the flagging system is not helping either.

It definitely dosent help when the forum moderators participate in the cover up, yet here we are, unlisted, and removed by a mod helping fc hide things they dont want to acknowledge. Just like a simple minded child, “if i dont acknowledge it, it dosent exist”. How did a 5 year old get a mod job?

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I surmise they are trying to redirect people’s focus right now.

To be fair, in my instance, I posted in the now relatively famous “Abomination Thread”::

I thought it was funny that someone got flagged, for mentioning the game’s recent glitches as an abomination,
people had been referencing poor performance of game recently,
but I guess moderators hop into that thread from time to time, and they shut that down quickly.

A Moderator says, “no whining”.

Yup okay. Fix the game and we’ll all shut up. But THAT thread has been alive for an impressively long time, so whatever they need to do to keep that thread going good on 'em. At least something around here works.

A few threads that have turned hmm, critical recently, get closed in pretty short order.