Game constantly freezing and crashing

What is going on? You fix the Bazaar and Battlepass, but this issue is so much more important and nothing seems to be getting done. I’ve already lost battlepass items and very difficult to obtain items because the game crashes causing me to die or lose the ability to get to my body to save my items. The way I figure it you owe me my items and the rest of console players an explanation.


Hmmm on ps4?

IF yes you should wait

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PS4? This is literally PS4 discussion thread. Waiting isn’t an answer. Waiting is an excuse at this point. Anyone that plays Conan already knows waiting is part of the experience at this point. We’re past that. We’re also past bugs being an expected part of any update. That’s a given, but the fact that they slapped use in the face fixing other stuff before addressing the issues they created with the core product, the game, is too much. Give us some answers and stop using excuses. That goes for FunCom and anyone else that jumps to defend them. We have no responsibility nor loyalty to them. We are consumers and we need to start acting like it and holding them accountable for what we’re paying for.


you forgot to select the #ps4 tag. the game has less problem on ps5. and you are not the only one who has reported this problem. Unfortunately I haven’t seen a response from the mods.

So you can only wait

Edit : i have find this Unplayable since "Bugfixes" PS4

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It literally has PlayStation Discussion and PlayStation bug report selected. Just stop trying to be smart and say it needs the #PS4 tag. I posted this exactly where it belongs. You’re not going to anger me and get me to say something stupid.

you simply lacked precision and I simply asked you for more information in relation to your exact platform. because in this game between the ps4 is the ps5 there is a big difference in performance.

Have a good night man

Precision? All you had to do was look at the title. There’s a reason they have those tags. Why would I select PS4 bug if I were having an issue on PS5? You can’t assume everyone that posts here has no clue what they’re doing. That’s scapegoating and extremely shillish behavior. Don’t try to do FunCom’s job. You didn’t have relevant information so you didn’t have offered your opinion.

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YOU DIDN’T select “4” or “5,” you selected “PlayStation” as a general tag, and then got upset when @MENISTHETURK asked you if you were playing on PS4. Look at the top of your post and tell us where it says PS4.

The first thing the devs need in order to fix a bug, is to be able to repeat it. If they don’t have details like the platform you play on, and the circumstances surrounding the crash or freeze, then repeating the bug is a lot less likely.


thank you. he seems to be that very aggressive

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I didn’t get upset. Why does everyone assume that now. You cannot tell someone’s emotional state from a message when they don’t make it explicitly clear out they just come out and say it. Stop deflecting from the real issue.

Actually, it doesn’t matter which console I play on in this case. A lot of people are having the exact same issue across the console platform. So there. The devs know exactly the issue I’m pointing out and if they aren’t already aware of it they don’t deserve to be developers. There update has been out long enough that this issue is well known. You guys here nitpicking aren’t helping. It isn’t addressed to you because there’s nothing you can do about it. Stop trying to help when you know good and well there’s nothing you can do. You’re creating a very hostile environment by sticking your noses where it doesn’t belong. Based on everything I have said you should know there is nothing you can do, so let FunCom for their jobs.

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