Game crashing and freezing across all consoles

What is being done about the crashes and freezes? This is across all consoles. At least acknowledge the problem and give the community an expected timeframe.


This are happening ever when my clan até raiding a base or try use news spells. The game ever crash ou gave a blue screen


I’m personally waiting until they fix the issues before I start doing sorcery. I have started collecting the necessary supplies and getting my character’s attributes sorted as well, so when it’s fixed I’ll be ready to go.

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Main issue for me right now. Ps5

Oh an invisible followers like boss lion and my white kitty


I have emailed Funcom directly twice in the last month. They do not reply. I am asking this very question…“Please acknowledge and give an ETA on repair”…nothing in return. This is looking bad.


It has been pretty bad. Pre 3.0, never crashed. Now? At least once a session and often if I try to access bazaar or battlepass tabs or options menus.


I’ve been trying to figure out some sort of pattern, but I don’t know enough about programming or there Unreal engine to see it. I know that moving ‘artifacts’, inventories, and placables with unique attributes (i.e. radium lighting, signs, etc.) are causing huge problems. A few placables that I’ve noticed that always cause me to freeze and/or crash are: stables, campaign blacksmith bench, improved freezers, and the thaumaturgy bench. Having these in close proximity to anything else (even a thrall, compost heap, or sign) that has it’s own inventory, will cause issues when passing by them two or three times within too short a time. Before 3.0 this was all perfectly fine.


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