Single player mode freezing and crashing

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So right now I am only playing in Single player mode and just enjoying the game. Well, I was till here recently… I love to build things and I built myself a beautiful cabin and Nordic style town. My main house that also consisted of an area for my sourcery and alchemy and Wheel of Pain. A Stable next to my main house a bridge over a waterfall to the Tavern which is one of my pride and joys. Across from that a Smelters house with Beside the smelters house was my blacksmiths workshop and just past that my carpentry center. Now beside my Tavern across from the blacksmith was my armory house and on the other side across from the carpentry was my leather house. Yeah it was a nice little village not huge but not small either. I just finished it up maybe 2 weeks ago and put in a nice wall when all of the freezing and crashing would start to happen. I would go out to grind up my thralls and well I know the stuff is supposed to despawn after X number of minutes… nothing was despawning. I could even leave the area for some time and come back, and it would still be there. Many times, if I tried to use admin controls to spawn at one of my other smaller locations it would freeze up. I try to use the Transportory stone freeze up, I try opening my inventory freeze up, access the map, bazaar, anything really and freeze up. I did discover some of the issues was near my transportory stone so moved it away from my cabin but instead of every 20 minutes of freezing up and crashing I can grind up a thrall and not long after BOOM freeze and crash. In one day’s time I can tell you I would average 20+ crashes. Now this all started not long after the Chapter 3 stuff, so I am not sure if it is even related. My fiance who also plays the game thought it was because of my Village so we took down part of the wall to test things and even moved some of my thralls elsewhere and it has lessened some, but I still get issues. Today alone I have experienced 4 crashes already. This is a digital copy, so no disk and I am scared I am going to lose everything I worked so hard on. How can I fix my game and not lose all my stuff? I don’t want to delete my game because the PS5 it is on my fiance also plays his on and well I am scared it will delete his too and we both have a lot of work done. My Town was going to be the base for our eventually getting another system so we can co-op. I guess you can tell I am upset and frustrated at the same time.

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Welcome to the Forum. The problem with solo and co-op is that the Playstation is acting as a server
Putting alot of load on it. We have not played offline since we have had our PS5,s I’m sure PS5 is better. You may want to upload a save to the cloud regularly incase something goes wrong. Can’t explain how to do it old timers syndrome. I would suggest official or private server but you still couldn’t play together until you both have a console. I know they are expensive. Our first ps3 backwards compatible was around 600 dollars making a ps5 sound like a good deal. PS. Don’t put aftermarket cooling fans on your unit killed ours. Pre every one having internet. @Kalla

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