Please fix stability on PS4!

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [US]

I can literally only play/build for 5-15 minutes before the game freezes and I have to restart. I have been playing on PS4 almost since the game released, and was not having this problem until patches 1.12 and 1.13. I have been working on a large build, and am now only able to get a little done at a time. By the way, the crashing now occurs anywhere I go on the map, not just near the build.

I play offline single player, so I wouldn’t think the build would overload the game itself…

Please prioritize stability on the PS4, especially in relation to building, since that is one of the major parts of your game. I want to continue playing and supporting future DLC’s, but that will not happen if I can’t have confidence in the stability of this game. Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start on offline single player.
  2. Play/build for several minutes.
  3. Watch game freeze up completely.
  4. Restart and repeat.
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Its not just sp. It has happened to my official server build. After updates constant blue screens and game freezes. Game is unplayable.

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In the current state this game is a disaster.

The 500+ patch notes, on the PC section of the forum looks and sounds like it’s got a lot of good stuff in it. Let’s see how much of that translates and also works on the consoles when we’ll get it.

Hi gonna try and help ya here , turn your ps4 off and then hold the power down tell you here a beep then click rebuild data let me know if this help by leaving me feed back been testing out stuff to see the outcome and this helped more then anything I have seen.

I have freezes and clipping regularly when playing. It freezes for nearly a minute when I go in certain places in my base. Semi naked Thralls have clothes when I begin playing every time, and objects disappear randomly. The framerate is catastrophic. Same as you, I’m waiting to see before buying the dlc. I love this game, so…

All these bugs make me think of the beginnings of Skyrim at the time …

I have done this, and it gave me around 30-45 minutes of gameplay (pausing regularly to make sure my building progress saved before continuing). After that, I was back to my regularly scheduled freezing. Granted my build is fairly large for me (40x40x40, give or take) and over water, but with as much as this game has to offer, I wouldn’t think that would overload the game’s capacities. I just hope this large update they have coming actually helps things, as the last two updates only made it worse (performance-wise).

At least Skyrim on PS4 felt finished, if a little buggy. This feels more like the alpha version of the Skyrim Vampire DLC. Don’t get me wrong, before Update 1.12, I was really impressed with most of the game, and it has AMAZING potential. Then 1.12 came out and I started this build, and it’s become nearly unplayable.

It really needs a major patch/fix, optimised for Ps4. The game doesn’t seem finished at this time.

It’s official. As much as I enjoy playing this game, I am done until the 500+ fix releases for PS4. I didn’t think it was possible, but Version 1.14 actually made things worse! The game now crashes every five minutes, if I am lucky! I spend more time on the loading screen than playing the game! My large build has pieces fall off when the game starts, I rebuild, and it happens again the next time I reload. Funcom, you have one last chance to correct this with your 500+ fix. If you can’t get it right with this fix, I will be returning the game, asking for a refund, and never buying another game from your company again. I sincerely hope this fix works, because I actually think this game could be absolutely phenomenal! However, if you can’t get basic playability right, you have no business making video games. Please prove me wrong, and give console players something to work with here.

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You are not alone

Same here when doing large build

The game totally unplayable

The game idea is definitely great

But i started to worry if this company can really handle the game and make it at least playable

At least playable

This is so basic for a game company


Yeah I tried the rebuild database several times. Nope still constant crashing. When Ark used to crash and give that same error code it was out of memory I recall Jat saying. It’s why I bought the PS4 Pro

Or at least a statement directed to the console players. Testlive 500 bug fix patch is all good and well but that doesn’t address PS4 blue screen at all

I am using ps4 pro already , but still it keep on freezing and crashing

That’s why i say these kind of game you need to control “ limited resource “ for unlimited expanding

If i use pc , i still can expand my hardware to continue to play, but console player… i am already using the top in ps series right now…

At this stage , this game completely failed to handle this problem

I really want to show some support , but asia area still cannot see the DLC item and cannot buy either

Pity , maybe i really should give more time to the small company to fix the game before i continue to play

Really love this game idea though…