Lot of Bugs in my Ps4 single player version

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Norway]

[Guys my single player version is a mess, filled with bugs, crashes and worst of all corrupted files. I’ve started replaying it a couple of months ago and THREE TIMES already I’ve entered the game to see that all progress of the last play were gone; this time in particular all the dungeon that we did was completely useless.
Other glitches involves character levels (both me and my brother had to relevel our 28lvl characters twice), journey achievements (every time I enter I got to restart them all from zero - apparently I’ve never built an house) and finally I got HUGE frame drops every time i explore the map.
I hope you can fix this as soon as possible, I’m enjoying the game but I won’t continue if it’s a chore to get through and for sure I won’t buy any DLC.
Thank you and ha det bra.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.enter the game
2.respawn is somewhere completely else
3.basically everything we did is gone
4.curse the gods


There is no patches or updates until every thing has cleared Thru PC and testlive maybe this year. I know my wife has had a lot of problems in her offline game this week. Have you considered playing online? @Dabro

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Sounds like a performance issue. Most of the time when I do single player I have to wait a bit for the NPCs to rez. That may affect render range for buildings, too.

Do you store your games on a SSD for play?

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Thank you fot the answer Sestus.
Online? Not really since It mostly me and my brother having casual fun. Anyway we did a lot in this “world” already. To start again from zero is a no go right now.

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My wife was playing yesterday with a couple guys in their co-op game they build crazy big and said they hadn’t had any problems and they were using admin. When you mentioned corrupted files seems I had that before my last ps4 died. Is your unit getting hot.?

Hei Hei Dzonatas, sorry for the late reply.
I’m quite ignorant about this tech stuff aha but i’ve stored the game on the default hard-disk of the ps4…if that is what you’re asking.

I still use the default hard disk, too.

If the game doesn’t crash, then you’ll find other ps4 players say a ps4 SSD worked.

I never rebuilt the ps4 database, but there are others that have done such to fix the crashes. Maybe one can chime in.

Turns out my wife has Quit playing her own offline game do to her buildings are gone when she logs back in. She is logging out properly don’t know what is going wrong

Try playing online, You are going to see a new Conan. Every clan using Glitches, undermeshes (building underneath the ground or inside the rocks or other methods), GOD thrall killing you with a single hit. Consider looking for how to glitch on conan, that should be a tutorial on how to play online!

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Online is not a serious problem we have our own server and play on a few private servers belonging to people we know. My wife likes to build is the reason she plays offline.

im wondering if u can tell me how to ban someone from conan

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Sorry, my bad, by online I meant on official servers with random players! :sweat_smile:

Hi @Dabro, we’re currently looking into the possible corruption issues with singleplayer saves, apologies for the inconvenience.

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