Singel player Doesnt save progress (PS4) (Quitting game)

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I started to play Conan with my brother 14 days ago. Noticed that because of massive lagg we could not continue online so i went to singel player.
To my amazement the lag was still present (got ps4 pro) and on top of that my singel player games doesnt save. So i have lost 12h of my life playing singel player to log in and see progress almost all gone. The game does not save progress. Put in a Save button perhaps? Because u cant rely on the game doing any saving.

U guys have horrible lagg problems
Singel player save problems
Buildings disapear out of render
And more…

This game is not playeble, gona maby chekk it out again in a year. Feels like its not a finished game.

Bye Funcom, sad, it had potential :_(

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The PS4 Pro is known to have issues with this game, I play it on a standard PS4 and do not experience any of these issues, the game autosaves very frequently for me, buildings may “disappear” out of draw distance, but will re-appear once I enter the right draw distance again. If your copy is digital, I would suggest maybe downloading it again, if not, the only other solution is to find a standard PS4.

Bullshiet I have both pro and launch ps4 they both do it. Fail Com needs to fix this already been more than 2 months I myself have posted this same issue. What I did before updating is back up my ps4s and installed a earlier version of the game cant use pets,new religion since it’s a old update but can play single player without losing my saves.

Google Conan Exiles ps4 single player crash. You will see multiple people since launch have had issues with single player and game saves and most posts have been closed on the forums with no response or fix.


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