[PS4] [Exiled Lands] Game won't save in single player mode

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Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

Game won’t save progress

Bug Reproduction:

Played the game for 3 1/2 hours yesterday, used the bedroll at different times, when I logged in today, the game settings were saved but my character progress and inventory were reverted to the very first time I used the bedroll. I made a new save, played for a couple of hours, used the bedroll at different times, died, had the progress reset again, but this time only the character experience and journeys were reset as well as inventory. the buildings I had placed prior to dying were still there. both instances were streamed and I can supply the links if need be.

the server settings are nearly identical to official servers. the only changes I made were turning off building and thrall decay, increased harvest amount to 4x as on official servers, doubled the day night cycle length, reduced the friendly damage and turned off the purge.

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Greetings Exile,

I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue.

Could you send us a video of you saving the game and logging back in so we have a better understanding of all the steps taken?

Thank you in advance.

This is the first stream:

and this is the second one:

if you check the end of the first stream you can see what state I ended the game session with and if you then look at the beginning of the second stream you’ll see what I was left with when I resumed gameplay 6h later.
additionally, if you look at the second video at about 1.12:20 you can see what progress i had in the second save and at 1.21:40 you can see my untimely death by the hyena elite and how all progress was reset to the first time i used the bedroll, but how it still spawned me by the base and how the buildings were still there.
when i checked the map, there was no death marker, so at first i thought i forgot to tick that all items should be dropped upon death in the settings, but i didn’t.


This really needs to be fixed. My wife has been playing a offline solo game for a few weeks now and has not experienced a problem admittedly using admin. Curious if logging into admin before logging off might help? Happy Cake Day. @Shijiri

you might be onto something there. i have a secondary account on which i do base building tests for pvp and there i’m always in admin and the progress has not reset on that one, so far.
or it might be the creative mode as i am always using that too on that account.

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I did another test. i deleted all save game files, made a fresh start and activated admin mode as was suggested, however, the result was the same. when i closed the game client and restarted it to resumed my single player game, everything was reset to the state when i encountered the giant bat on the way out of the desert. just like the very first time. the first time i just happened to place a bedroll there so i thought it was linked to it. this time however i didn’t place one until i was at the small island east of the sentinels, still it spawned me back in the desert with all progress as it was when i first came to that spot

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Damn was hoping for a work around

Hello everyone!

It seems like this issue may be with the Playstation not being able to save games properly. Could you please ask for assistance here: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/

If they can’t find any solution to your issue, please contact us again and we will investigate it!

Thank you in advance.

lol… is that supposed to be a joke? no other game of mine has troubles saving progress, your game is the only one!
absolutely unbelievable! and i just wasted a chunk of money on your game…
just to find i can neither play it solo nor in pvp since you aren’t doing antything about cheaters!
just logged into the pvp server was on 30mins before pvp time to find someone invisible inside 1shotting me, their thrall killing mine, while no walls nor doors were broken. solid building, no gaps.

[edit] heck, not even my alt account has issues keeping the progress and that’s just a test account…

Thank you for your reply Shijiri!

Regarding infractors that you may find in our game, please open a ticket through our Zendesk platform so that our dedicated team may investigate the issue properly.

In regards to your initial issue, may we ask if you’ve set your console for hibernation, instead of turning it off, the day before you noticed this problem?

lol. how do you save a game that does not have a save option. what kind of request is that. and yes i too am having the same issues. progress is not being saved in single player mode.

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