Single player no longer saving progress

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America]

Game no longer saving in single player. After losing ownership of my base I said screw it and started a new game. When I exit the game now then come back later I load into my starter base with half my base gone. Journey steps reset and some of the feats missing. Also some items like weapons and food gone from my wheel. Going to try rebuilding database AGAIN to see if this helps. The new DLC update introduced some new bugs I think. PS4 Pro if that matters.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same here, after the 5th time today and having all attributes reduced to zero and giving me one point to spend not very playable. I put that point in encumberance now my 34th level character has an encumberance of one and all other stats are zero.

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Same, but when i die instead of starting with mothing like the norm it starts with me with some gear i had at one point and items, it just duplicates them. Seems tge bugs are getting once…where do we go for a refund im over it.

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Having similar issues. If you stay on the game for a long enough period it’s like the game stops saving. Any resources you use will be lost though. I’ve even experienced something new where the game doesn’t recognize what I built after i log off and get back on. and even though most of the base is still visible I can no longer build on any of it. For me this is game breaking because all I do is play single player and build, now it seams I can’t at all


It just happened again to me. Here’s a screen shot of a wall not attaching to anything I’ve built

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Update. I rebuilt database and is working fine so far. In fact it’s working better than it has since any of the patches. This is 3rd or 4th time I rebuilt the database for this game and the first time it has given results so mileage may vary

If you use repair hammer does the structure say no owner? If so then that is the same thing that caused me to say screw it and start over. I think we need better admin tools to fix this like the “givetome” command from ark

Update #2 first crash to blue screen error CE-34878-0 in 2 days. Rebuilding database is a very temporary fix if that.

I restarted game and came back to nothing this morning. I only had a floor and crafting stations but it is all gone along with MItra shrine. This game is unplayable like this.


Me too, I love this game but in its current state it is absolutely infuriating to try and play. Funcom needs to get this patch out yesterday.


Sadly there’s no guarantees that the new patch will fix this problem… they seem to ignore single player completely, as if people that bought the game for playing locally didn’t exist at all.

If you have a beefy comp, you can always install the Conan Exiles Server package from steam and move your single player saves there… you can run the game and the server at the same time (that’s what I’m doing to avoid all these issues.)

No beefy computer. I play on ps4 for ease of play and honestly no room to put a computer

PS4 is unplayable right now. I basically start a new character every time I log on.

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Mine just done it last night, I was lvl 30 exploring the wastes and died in sandstorm. Then it respawned me back at the start with some old kit I had. Been knocked back down to lvl 21 and no spawn points on map. Just got back to my base and about 2/3 hrs of work gone, ain’t happy

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