Loss of progress. Random building, item and thrall loss. All journey progress erased

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:

Game crash. Froze at log out. Loss of journey. Loss of random equipment, buildings and thralls.

Bug Reproduction:

Play game as normal. Wait until random crash, or a freeze at log out., reenter game to see what random deletions and loss of progress you get this time.


About a day or so ago, after the last PS4 game update, I logged out as normal after a few hours of play. My game locked up as it was exiting during the save.

I logged into the game yesterday and… everything was gone. It started me out at the character creation screen like when starting a new game.

All my progress and months upon months of gameplay was completely erased.

I can’t see a fix or recovery for this issue. Even loading an earlier save has the same result. This is a complete disaster. I’m afraid to even start a new game for fear of a repeat scenario.

So, yeah, I certainly understand your grief and grievance with the game, as my experience is the same. Something is seriously wrong with current version of the game.


So they still did not fixed it? That means the single player is unplayable. Shows what priorities FunCom has.


Tried a fresh install on my wifes ps5 to make sure it wasnt me. Same results. It seems, ill be getting a vaction from from the exiled lands. My Siptah save is still on the cloud. I will leave it alone till this gets cleaned up. Worst luck too. After 1100 hours i finally got a reach of the red mother. My first. Oh and wife got me the battle pass and 7800 crom coins… Im butt hurt. Heading out now. Going to find a door to repeatedly slam closed on my head…


You are obviously Loved. :roll_eyes: Careful with the door frame :heart_eyes:


This has been an ongoing issue on singleplayer. Ive lost several entires bases because of this bug. It started back in age of sorcery for me so it has nothing to do with the recent updates. They acknowledged they know about it months ago, but still no mention if they are bothering to work on a fix. I dont know if its incompetence or lack of workforce but this is one of the most poorly developed games ive ever played. The devs should be ashamed of themselves

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 Thank you  for the info. I didnt think to look for older posts because i played almost daily since way before AOS. i guess i had just been getting lucky to not have triggered the bad code. I incorrectly assumed it was the update because the bug occoured after logging in after that update. 
 I agree, most games are garbage nowadays. They do amazing things in theory. But are pushed and budgeted so hard that they barely have time to get the cash grab programs going b4 the games out, and the more they profit off the extras the less they put into the game. So sad.
 But hey, ill be 50 in a couple months and i have played games while complaining about them since the 70s, so i am probably goona keep doing that. 
 Funcom, do better.
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You are still young. I used to have something on my psn page about pushing 60 well I got there passed it and want to go back. Senior discounts are not worth it! How did you get your message like that or have I touched the wrong button again?

No clue brother. I did the reposne on my cell phone. Not sure if that matters. I hear ya about going back. My thinker keeps telling me 8 foot tall and bullet proof. My doctor tells me my perscriptions disagree. My wife says im 14 in a 80 year body that was rode hard and hung up wet. But what do they know… lol its been a long strange trip man, but i still got a little more in me…

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Same here did alot of stupid things when I was younger plenty of arthritis in places since I have not been working Ibeprohin is not used alot doc said I could use 1800mg a day and I did. For local such as my wrist Voltaren works. My partner in crime at work several years ago had RA under a prescription he got some worked a week later it was after market at Walgreens doesn’t burn your eyes smell isn’t bad. Does keep the cat from licking my hands. I need to get some health insurance and get to the doctor the prescriptions are getting low but not out need to start checking my blood sugar again. These were things I did while working get to work 30 minutes early to avoid traffic do your stuff. Sadly the Accountant who bought us and a couple other smaller companies lied out his asffs and moved us out of state. Sorry that just popped up the beginning of a downwards spiral or entrance to the Dregs

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On your last post I have to scroll back and forth others not. Not actually your last post the one before

Yeah i see that now odd script small box. Very odd. Man i hope 24 gets ya a run of good luck. I retired almost 3 years ago for medical reasons. Figured id try to spend my last few years taking it easy. Though its not been easy. All i have left is a good woman and these damn games now. Been trying to form new neuro-pathways to hang on as long as i can. Lost the ability to write by hand bout 4 months ago. But can talk again, though it exausts me, and i can walk about 100 foot steps on a good day. So much better off then was. Well sort of. I just try to make the best of what i got. Hey maybe the aliens will make contact and teach us how to be better at medical care and i end up living 1000 years… hahaha

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