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I aint sure what happend. I play this game and i get like lvl 30. Suddenly all progress was gone. I start new game and after ending playing and continue, base and progress was gone. If i dont get anything to fix this and my progress will be safe, i will stop playing this game. It really sucks, after several hours playing and building, all is gone. Any help for me?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Sounds like you overwrote your single player save data. If you have ps plus you may find a backup in you cloud saves;


Good luck

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Thanks for tip… but really, single player save data is that small? But what i dont understand, i delete my old game and start from begining, and that problem is still there. Is there any tips, if i start one more time, i can be sure that my progress will be saved?

I remember a long time back some one having similar problems. They were told to go into settings and change something forcing a save. Believe it was the nudity settings. You might try another also and change back later. Also logout thru the game menu
. Good luck to you.

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Hello @Alikessu74, welcome to the forums!

You may only have one single player session at a time, starting a new game will always overwrite your previous single player save.

If you’re still having trouble with the game not saving, we’ll need to know additional information such as whether you’re using an internal or external drive, if you have all the DLC and game files installed to the same drive, and if you’re exiting the game by going through the main menu.

I done all those thing, start over and get back to lvl 24. Same problem again, lost several hours and wake up far from my base. Get back there and notice, that i have lost lot of things from base. This game, nice grafics but i think i have had enough of this game.
Thanks anyway…

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Sorry to hear that. Can you play online. Or maybe go into the game thru co-OP. I know someone who is doing that for months. No problems

Havent try online… dont have that much time to play, thats why i usually play solo. Not sure, but mayby i erase one more time all and try one more time. But if i loose my progress again, i will erase that game from my playstation and try to forget that i even ever play it. Too much problems and that progress lost is the worst of all. Never seen bug that bad in any game…

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Issue is still there… i hope that i found someone here, who can explane why? Like today, i play the game and get lvl 24. Went to bed, so my progress would be saved.
After break, i continue my game. I lost 4 lvl and all points and buildings, that i made from lvl 21 to 24. Is there anyone who can answer me and how this can be fixed? Its so frustrating. Love the game, but this problem really makes me angry

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Could you please share additional information as requested in the previous reply?

Not sure what you want…
I have only one single player session at time, i think its not even possible to have two.
Main problem is at the moment, that when i reach lvl 21 or higher, game doesnt save it. Every time i continue, game puts me back at lvl 21 and all i have build and learned, are gone.
I have delete saved data from system several times and started game again and again. My game data is saved on ps4 memory and also in ps plus web.
Sorry, but i dont get DLC meaning.

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So you are not using any external disk drives, the game and its expansions ( if any ) are installed to the PS4’s internal drive and the save is backed up to the cloud?

Can you describe how do you usually quit the game or what steps do you take when you stop playing?

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Ok, this is a little bit of a cheat, so I’m not sure if you want to do it.
If you go to;


If you look to the right of the screen you will see; MAKE ME ADMIN underneath the; ADMIN PASSWORD. Click that button and return to the main pause menu.

You should now see ADMIN PANEL in the pause menu.

If you go into the admin panel you can do all sorts of thing like set your level, spawn in resources, weapons and npc’s. So in theory you could reset back to Level 24 (or even 60 if you wanted😁).

A more detailed description of the admin panel can be found here;

It won’t necessarily ‘fix’ the issue but maybe if you go past level 24 you might be able to save it.

Also this should go without saying but I hope you always quit the game via the menu…

Hope that helps. Good luck.

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I usually end my game session by going to bed/ bedroll and make spawnpoint. After that i quit game. And when i get to main screen of the game, i press ps4 button and leave game

After getting to the main screen but before leaving the game, are you able to continue the game to ensure that it saved?

Have you tried disabling cloud saves to see if the issue persists?

It’ll be hard to troubleshoot this issue as we’ve not been able to replicate it on our end so far, and it might even be hardware related

If i end session, even i just leave to mainscreen of the game and continue, game loose progress. And it allways happend after reach lvl 21 or higher. I dont know how i can be sure, is my data saved? It only inform, that spawm point is updated. No information that data is saved.
I have cleaned all saved data from cloud and ps4 memory several times, doesnt help. And there is still space to save data, like like 1Gb or more

Are you able to try and uninstall the game from your internal drive, and attempt to install and play it from an external one, as to dismiss any potential issues with your PS4 disk?

I am not sure about this, but i been wondering this problem. Now progress continue. And this is only time i havent build a bed. Every time that i have had progress problems and i have lost it, it has happend after i have build a bed. I am back to lvl 25 and sleep still on bedroll and no problems. Actually i get this idea also from my kid, who is now higher than me and he doesnt have bed and he told me, he will not take that risk for loosing progress and he is not gona build bed. Could that be the problem?

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@Alikessu74 Kids are smarter than us. Need help ask someone half your age or less.

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My wife and I are having problems not being where we where in co-op game fortunately we are playing no loss on death other wise would be really bad. We check in to our beds login some where else.