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I keep losing my saved progress this has happened 4 times causing me to lose hours of game time. It happened twice on Sunday 6/1/18. Total BS please tell me there is a fix for this.

I dont know if this helps, but I noticed this happens when I play long sessions 2 Hours +, I also noticed that on logging out the screen freezes forcing me to manually close from the desktop. upon logging back in Ill find myself somewhere else with half of the items that I gathered or looted.

Ive been trying to lay down a bedroll every hour or so and log out so I dont lose to much game time (very frustrating when you explore large areas of the map and all your discoveries are gone)

Also I noticed the problems started after adding the Khitan DLC

This is the first time I ever joined a forum, so I do appologize for my ramblings, ive been reading on the forums about Idle times and AFK, my last issue with save progress happened after a 15 minute break where I left my character lying on her bed. when I returned I played for about 45 min more. I saved the game logged out, shut down the app from the desktop (PS4) loaded the game back up and discovered that it rolled me back to when I took the break, so maybe at least for me this happens when Im AFK


So I have been able to save my progress, I have been laying down a bedroll each night when I make camp, and on the second night I log out and back in and everything seems ok (sucks to do it but at least I can play)
Only sent me back in time twice, but…

So now after the update I have a huge tree growing in my base, and have my base says it does not belong to me. WTH

Since im abandonig this base (made it on the newbie river) no big whoop, but until these bugs get fixed ill stay put.

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I think you will need to turn on the decay system in order to get rid of that base, or it will stay there deserted. Or you could start a new game, admin yourself to your actual level and build a new base, if you don’t like your landscape littered.

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I wonder if purge would hit it. Not a solution just curiosity

Now that’s a good question, could the purge distinguish between an abandoned base or a lived-in one? I know I’ve read on PC section of the forum that people usually do this kind of stuff, drag the purge NPC’s to an enemy base, and that base will actually get attacked.

Did you try the purge in offline, does it work?

Ive been curious too, never seen a purge. would be cool to see what base they would attack, My son plays co op with me to and he built a small base too, but he keeps getting teleported to my location if I wander off to far.
so I guess the purge would attack a random base.

I also plan on turning the decay system back on once I start building new base, just to add some realism I guess and it would be cool to see it slowly degrade.

But as far as save progression, it sucks to have to play like that, but at least I can play and progress forward, maybe this will help others at least play until a fix is made.

I had one purge happen before the save was corrupted. Bar had been filling since i had started and I had never messed with the settings for purges. On single player have you. I built a wheel of pain on a 6 x 6 area near the Darketo priest thing and as I was sitting there it said a band of gorillas was getting ready to attack. Instead of purging at my base which was built in the highlands near the snow it purged on the wheel of pain. Wasnt hard at all. Fairly easy, lasted about 5 different waves of enemies and then said it was over. But they were going to attack my wheel of pain there rather than my base which I found interesting. Now it could have been like that because when the purge began I was closest to that location maybe but I am not sure.

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The Derketo place is in the jungle, Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, I think, right? So you were in the jungle, the base was in the highlands, weird that they come for you specifically and not the base… and you got gorillas because you were in the jungle. I bet in the north you will get human NPC’s though… did you check base afterwards, was there any sign of destruction there?

Had 3 or so offline purges. All 3 cause error CE whatever crash. Last one was my first save corruption that caused me to lose ownership and my first starting over moment so I have no idea.

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Reading you first sentence I was like, ‘Oh I am going to enable it!’ Then read the next, and no, I am not going to enable it.

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Yeah technically all 3 were the same purge just rolled back after crash to before it happened. Havnt been able to progress enough yet to get another purge due to save loss. But the spiders chewed right through my tier 2 base like it was paper until it crashed. I think it will be fun if the game can be stabilized. Really puts a high risk to a pve singleplayer game

That would be definitely good, yes. But right now, I don’t want my save to get corrupted again, this is already the second time I started the whole thing. And this second playthrough is a little frail around the edges, so I am not taking chances.

Yes that is the place. You can tell because I looked at the map when it was about to start and it had a red X over where I was at. And yes I got gorillas and the other monkey things. Nothing else. They just came in a line of 5-8 at a time. Like I said they were not hard at all. You know my save did get corrupted the next day after that purge lmao. I wonder if that was it.

So your save got corrupted after the purge, just like it happened to @BTP_Dodger79. Oh we might have a pattern here. Something I will definitely not try then.

Yeah. I also just read that PC got that 500 patch today. Sucks for us :frowning:

Yes, they chose to launch it, but if you go read the testlive reactions to this exact patch, there were still a lot of bugs who they claimed now were fixed in this 500+.

So this 500+ was till buggy on testlive, and now, a day after, they launched it for PC live? I don’t get it. So is it good, or isn’t it? I guess we have almost a month when the PC players will really test it, since it’s live now.

But even if the patch notes look ok, we need to see how it translates to the console version; because an awful lot of stability improvements read like PC-only, and not just that. So since they have specific fixes for the PC, I need to see some specific console fixes, stuff that’s not encountered on PC.


And the reactions to the new patch on live started to appear. As in bugs still there, after being mentioned as fixed in patch notes. They rushed this because of the community backlash, it will be much more interesting now.

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