Conan exiles Ps4 pro not saving correctly

I was playing singleplayer/offline and i had played for about 2-3 hours and i exited the game. When i join back in the world it had not saved 1hour of grinding and deleted almost every chest i had in my house. Im not going to play conan for awhile now because i cant stand this bs. I can tolerate frame dropping or stuttering every time you fight an enemy but not this. I think you should add a better saving method.

Sry for bad english im from Finland

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I have had this same issue as well. It was one of the reasons I decided to rent a server of my own. But, no one should have to do that just to fix something that should not be happening at all.


Happened to me to… two times now… lost hours of gaming. If it happens a third time I will never play the game again. Too bad… because it was a great game until that happened. Got it from PlayStation plus, but if I pay 50$ or so for it I be mad.
From sweden


Hey everybody,

When this happened, did you exit to the main menu before stopping playing or did you exit by force closing the app through the dashboard or shutting off the system straight away?
Also, which difficulty were you playing on?

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I played on civilized and in rage i closed the app and system right away but I don’t know if it was so smart to do

Tnx for quick reply!

Yes i did exit to main meny. Even after it happened the first time i make sure i dont stand to close to a window when i logg off (In case of a sandstorm kills me when im offline, i dont know). I even wait a few minutes before closing the app after going to main menu.

I play offline on normal difficulty, PS4, with no tweekings to the server.

I also recal game acting a bit wierd both times it happened. Like lagging more than usual and when i die i still have my loot on me (Like on easy mode) and then when i go back to my corpse i find all the loot, so now i have dubbel. But then when i logged off and logged in again im set back way before all that happened.
Also the first time it happened i had a dafari woman T1 dancer in the wheel of pain but she came out a white haired, white dude. And second time i have a dafari male T3 archer, but hes not done yet. (those are the only thralls iwe had so far and im lvl 30).

Now every time i logg off i equip different combinations of armor so i can remember how i ended the last game. And im trying to remember what loot i have in boxes, furnitures, feats etc. Im not sure if it doesn’t save or it just saves partially. Im just sure i lost alot of stuff and progression. And its not the “dubbletes” those i drop cause i cant carry them (maybe a iron bar or two) and im thinking those items might be corupt anyway.

Again tnx for reply! And i hope this is helpful. I realy want to play this game.


Thanks for the additional information @Oliver0404 and @mightygloom
Our team will look into it.

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Thank you for your time and your help! You guys are best staff!

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I’ve had this as well, and I think it has something to with beds getting unbound. First time it happened to me I only had a double bed and no bedroll, quit the game through main menu and logged in a bit later to find 4-5 hrs of progress gone.
Now every time before I quit the game I run over to the bed to bind it, and I also bind to my bedroll. Haven’t experienced the bug after that


Ok its happened to me again but no chests were deleted but i did bind my bed and my fiberoll before i logged off and 2hrs of grinding GONE. Its starting to be really annoying. I played on singleplayer.

Ok. For me binding my bed rarely stops it from not saving. I have come to conclusion that it doesn’t save when I’ve played 2h+. It happens to me everytime i have played more than 2h+.