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With the recent online issues on PS4, I jumped into single player. There are a number of issues that were not there before the latest patch, as far as I recall:

  1. Respawing upon death does not work. Counter stops at 0. Exiting to main menu most of the time does not work, ending with a full bar endless loading screen, necessitating a full restart of the game.
  2. Exiting to main menu often does not work, it gets stuck on the loading screen at full bar. A full restart of the game is required, but when reloading the save is from whatever was the latest autosave, so typically 10-15 mins lost.
  3. Continuous frame drops, with the screen freezing for 0.5-3 seconds. Happens continuously, regardless of location or activity.
  4. Sometimes NPCs do not take damage. Most recently in Sepermeru, attacking multiple enemies, they take some damage but then become immune.

Its a fun game, but there really shouldnt be these types of bugs this many years since release. Overall performance could also really use a boost, as on larger bases on my online server, FPS is waaay down.

Hope you get to fixing these.

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Good morning, I played all weekend in single mode and none of that happened to me. Are you playing Co-op? Also, is this happening to you all through the map or only in a particular location? I’m afraid you may have to start a new game 'coz it sounds the problem is in you saved game.

Hi @Ronin_SevenFour, welcome to the forums!

To ensure that this isn’t related to an issue with a previous patching process, could you try to perform a clean reinstall of the game or to rebuild the PS4 database?

For future bug reports, please follow our guidelines and open one topic per issue, and only if no other similar topics are active:

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