PS4 still not loading offline solo saves

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [U.S.A]

I got Conan Exiles when Playstation gave it away free for PS Plus members. I have managed to play the game 2 times since the download. Both times ended up getting to a point where my game never loaded in. I would start another new game and try again. It has gotten to a point where that won’t even work. I try to play this game everyday now and I can’t even begin a new OFFLINE SOLO game due to these infinite load screens. After reading through this forum, it seems to have been an issue for quite a while. Why has this not been fixed?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Download Base edition of Conan Exiles to PS4 (no DLC)
2. Play 1 offline solo game with custom settings
3. Sign off after a few hours of dedicated base building
4. Restart game and watch it load for hours


SIDE NOTE: I have checked for all updates, I have the latest edition. I simply choose to play offline

Hey @Croms_Faithful ! Check this out… Maybe you could help him :slight_smile:


Hi there Hoan1217 and welcome back. This is an issue which I myself and a few other members were having until quite recently. We think* it may be a by-product of the most recent Hotfix for ps4. Although we are honestly not sure. Fortunately a workaround exists.

In the ps4 dashboard menus go to [settings] → [Network] → Uncheck [Connect to the internet].

It should now work as per usual. It takes a bit to load (connected and not connected) but that is just normal for me, and not a massive wait by any stretch. Let us know if it works ok Haon. Finally, if you wish to read more about it in my original bug report thread you can do so here.

PS- good catch. Thanks @Zozimos.


Hi @Haon1217, welcome to the community, did the workaround shared in this thread help with this issue?


Much appreciated. Ill be sure to give this a try once I get off work today. I love this game despite all the bugs and I rly hope that this allows me to be able to sign back into the game.


No problems Haon1217, I am happy to help. If you get this, let us know if it did worked hey.


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