Game freezes every 5 seconds

I noticed that after this last patch, the game freezes exactly every 5 seconds, and stay frozen for 1 second and back. It keeps that way for about 5 minutes then it stops.

But after 5 more minutes it come back again.

It is not lag, it also freezes while at the menu.
I’m playing on PS5 and already tested:

  • Changed server (also present in other servers)
  • Restarted the game
  • Rebooted my PS
  • Also tested in another network just in case

None of those worked.

Perhaps a Dev Intern forgot to remove a “setInterval” function from this patch lol


You are not alone. I am experiencing the same issue on my Private g-portal server. It is only myself and 1 other player. We have only had the server 3 days so we haven’t got a lot of stuff going on yet. Server says it is at 1.5% CPU usage but we are intermittently experiencing the same issue you describe.

Clealy patch related. I am relieved to hear that you have experienced it on other servers. Hopefully that means that Funcom are aware of the issue and will have it resolved soon!


I am also experiencing the exact same issue and am on PS5 as well. Game freezes for 1.5 seconds every 5 seconds. I will have maybe 3-5 minutes of smooth gameplay once every 15 minutes…


Ok yes I’m on Xbox. Have anyone tried to play single players to see if it a server /platform compatible issues or it’s just all game . Trying to help narrow it down here and have any of you tried reinstalling it(wouldn’t recommend if you on limited internet access as size will be big) in case there could be corrupted files : which does happen: to see if it helps at all and I’m not guaranteeing that it will fix it but just in case as funcom can’t fix a corrupted files just bugs so you would have to reinstall. Those that can try that to see if that might help which I hope it does.

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Hmm I will test that too
Thanks for the idea :3

Tried single player. Froze for a few seconds on various actions. Froze completely trying to pause. Waited 2 minutes before closing game.


Couldn’t load back into the game(Tried for almost 20 minutes ). Deleting all my saves fixed that. Yeah…

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Hi. I have the same problem. I have two consoles and on both, under my character, I have such lags. At the same time, my wife plays normally on both consoles.

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After deleting everything it seems to be a bit better(In exiled lands at least, my original issues were on siptah). But I found a new bug: Can’t place elevators at all.

Is your wife playing another game normally and not this? I will give my contribution here, I confirm all the above problems.
I play ps4, official 8013, EU. Please arrange a hot fix. It brings old memories back.

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She is playing Conan on the same servers as me

@Humanitis , And she plays normally? Without problems at all?

Yeah. We have tested the same scenario several times. I logged into a new server and I got freezing every 5 seconds. After that, she went to the same server and had no lags. I think the problem is related to my account. But I don’t understand how this is possible


@Humanitis , Maybe it seems weird but it’s not. This is a good feedback that not all the accounts experience these issues. Thank you for bringing this up :+1:t6:. One last question please, both of the accounts have Ps plus and if not, whitch account deals with these issues?

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Only my account has ps plus


@Humanitis , Thank you :+1:t6:. I have also only one account with Ps plus, not to mine but to my sons. I have 3 accounts active, mine, my sons my daughters. I find gaming problems so far in mine that it has not Ps plus :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I didn’t check to the others, so later on I will just to confirm. Thanks again for the feedback :+1:t6:

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My game freezing every 5seconds, i cant play in servers from LATAM. ULTRA LAG, IMPOSSIBLE PLAY, FIX THIS!

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I am having same issue, please fix!!

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La gran mayoría de personas estamos teniendo problemas de conexión, banda elastica y lag. Con la nueva actualización se han cargado el juego, otra vez. Hasta Navidad no habra mas conan que se pueda jugar bien

Greetings everyone and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed all the information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.