Crashing constantly please fix these issues funcom!

PlayStation 4
official server 3529

constantly freezing not even 5 minutes in the game I check my furnace and freeze looking into it.

people are getting same issues game is in a very bad state right now for PS4/PS5 players please acknowledge more people and fix this soon if you have to do a pre patch and undo 3.0 until it is ready and stable please do. this is very tiresome and extremely irritating I haven’t played Conan’s in a couple days because of it thought maybe I get on and instantly freeze please fix!



Keep saying it brother, we need a pre-Sorcery Version.
Sorcery doesn’t work on many PS4s.

A rollback is needed Sorcery is too much for our last generation consoles and we have lost a game that we have adored for years. And put hundreds of dollars into.


Its not only last gen/PS4.
PS5 is crashing left and right. A lot of bugs and glitches.

Gaming is supposed to be enjoyable/fun but the state of the game is just frustrating.


I’ve crashed quite a few times and all I have is a starter base currently, after having to start over on siptah (got my base wiped by Funcom). If the purpose of wiping my base was to help with server stability, why am I still crashing? :unamused: they didn’t solve the issue. They just put a band aid on a bleeding artery… and punished the loyal player base for their own flaws.

Btw, I’m on PS5… PS5! How am I crashing like this on a PS5 with a starter base? Prior to 3.0, my base didn’t crash or have rendering issues on my PS5, and it was really big and detailed!


Didn’t have any issues on a ps4 either. Not even one of those classic ps4’s from 2014.

Now, rubberbanding - rendering, the works. Nothing.

I am wondering how difficult it would be to dedicate servers based on hardware. Meaning you get PS4 servers and PS5 servers and these are adjusted servers (20 person cap for PS4) so that the experiences can even out.

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I’m replying to all these threads that I can find trying to get the problem brought to their attention. Console players deserve some kind of response from Funcom since the game is pretty much unplayable on PS4 & even for some PS5 players.

I literally tried playing the game for the first time in like a year yesterday and it was nothing but constant lags and freezing. I ended up frozen at least once every 15 minutes, if not in a shorter time frame. Logging in flashes the screen to black repeatedly. Crom forbid you try to look at battle pass on an online server. :woman_facepalming:
Needless to say I played less than 2 hours of that bull, just journeyed to my friend’s base.

We deserve a response. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We as players payed money for the game/dlc/gamepass & as such we deserve to have a working game.


yea man I agree I love this game so much it’s one of the top favorite games for me and I just want this game to run great again. it’s an amazing update but they need to reaaaaally work on the console version side of things first. this usually always happens too they release an update then have to send out patches to to get the game to where it was pre update it’s annoying but atleast they usually fix it but this time I think it’s the worst it has been performance and stability wise and it sucks because it’s an awesome update content wise but it’s close to unplayable and it’s irritating. I hope they fix it soon.


and yea the speculation on the “it’s because of big bases thing” I don’t think it has anything to do with it because I have ran across humongous bases in past and I have had some lag but nothing crazy nothing at the rate it is at now only when the bases was like extremely gigantic with numerous shrines is when I would crash and that was few far and between. So I agree definitely is not a base thing it may not help with stability if there are a lot of big bases on particular servers but I don’t think that is the problem it’s obviously something with the update.


I just wanted to say thank you for supporting this post guys let’s get this stuff out there so hopefully they will respond and see our posts.


I hope they respond.

And if their official response is “base size” then let them limit it in game themselves. Many games have a build limit in place.


yes exactly this, that game citadel forged with fire even though the game didn’t do so well after awhile but speaking on base capacity and a building cap that game did exactly that. it had a pretty large cap but it had a cap on it where the the game ran fine with barely any lag and it was a pretty big game.

also I tried patch they have fixed nothing unfortunately from what I have read on Twitter they fixed extremely minor bugs and one of them was this storage case or something people have bought and fixed an issue where there was a dupe glitch or something and people were getting more storage out of it than they were suppose to? I’m not sure but rather than focusing on the major issues like freezing, texture issues, crashing, invisiblity with thralls they focus on trivial stuff that no one cares about and is very minor compared to the stuff they need to actually work on.

I tested it went back and forth on battle pass, challenges, etc and I froze after doing it within a minute or so. I look at the ground still having texture issues and had bad rubberbanding issues. this is ridiculous. some guy said in Twitter to Conan’s post about the patch to people said the lagging etc has nothing to do with update and it has stuff to do with server restarts and torches black ice building and high foundations. I disagree with some of that may have be the issue but everyone is experiencing these issues and it’s a huge issues that need to be dealt with so that’s telling me it’s not servers it’s something to do with the issues many people have said it ran fine pre 3.0 so it’s definitely that.

also I believe it’s not a memory issue like they need to stop updates with old gen consoles because it’s too much for them. I don’t believe that to be the issue I feel they could update a lot more for this game and old gen. I could be wrong but I feel it has a lot to do with coding, issues within this update maybe gportal idk but if it was something to do with servers or memory issues you think they’d let the public know. I just think it’s this update for sure we weren’t not experiencing anything like this pre 3.0 there needs to be some digging into this from the team which I feel they are trying to do but rather then releasing these patches that don’t help and focus on trivial things they need to really focus on the big issues.

I hope they fix this stuff soon and they need to communicate with the fan base more I love this game I just want it to work properly again.

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We slow down at our big base. Heck no telling what my wife has put down. But that doesn’t account for invisible animals and stuff at other places red reptilian things with back hair only showing like palm fronds. Tis B S.


exactly I agree I feel this has nothing to do with bases and even items and server maintenance this has to be something with the update itself I believe.


Personally I feel it’s a combination of both. Have no idea how to test. But this needs to be made better.

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I personally have completely restarted fresh with 7 people each time four times since 3.0 release.

On a completely unbuilt map with vanilla settings and absolutely no buildings - and we’ve all experienced issues with the game from freezing to lagging to rubberbanding and everything in between. Invisible enemies, hp bars no appearing, everything - on servers nothing was built on.


I had taken a break from Conan prior to 3.0, and had only came back prior to its launch by a few days.

To say the game is running night and day difference is an understatement


Freezing blue screened again today. :sleepy:


Played the New Patch Conan 3.0.3 (22.10.19) PS4
was pleased, although the Patch Notes did not give very much information, (you fixed the cabinet? what who cares? you made it hold less… snickers okay

  • Loading Times improved
  • putty textures are funny, they still occur, but now when game FPS start to slow the textures quickly swap to putty especially the landscape (brilliant halts the lockup issue)
  • accessing chests and workstations no longer lags and freezes my game, nice QoL.
  • i can see contents of containers and work benches almost immediately.
  • played for 2 hours before first crash, big improvement.
  • FIXED EXPLODING ARROWS in single player, nice thank you.

Conan’s Bar is still broken, no problem looks a little sad but that’s also funny.
Froze 4 more times over the next 4 hours, but I found the game more stable then pre-patch.

  • I did not try SORCERY, didn’t want to push my luck, i did enjoy my game that I essentially played in a self imposed safe mode.

I was curious what they meant when they said improved game stability.
Continuing the discussion from :news: PS4 Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.3 (2022.10.19)]:

Those are the only 10 words I care about.

Each patch is a move forward, I don’t know who to thank for the improvements, I hope there are more to come, but for now thank you @Ignasi.
I noticed a definite improvement. Not good enough for me to return to online gameplay, but I can boot up my solo game again, I just have to limit my game time to shorter sessions.
I’ll take what I can get at this point.

Thank you DEV team. I still hope for more, but I didn’t expect this much.
I had honestly given up.


yea I did notice you can go into furnaces,cabinets etc more quickly now but down side I still freeze looking into battle pass etc and still have texture issues but hopefully they are starting to move the train forward I see slight hope. hopefully soon it will be back where it was at.