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Please use this thread to discuss patch 3.0.3 on PS4.

Patchnotes: :news: PS4 Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.1 (2022.09.04)] - #10 by Ignasi

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Sigh…well the cryers got their way. Long live the large clan and nothing can be done again the entrenched unless they breach ToS. Solos need not apply.

1.4 Go ouff :pray: little patch which I hope will do great miracles, I’m already satisfied not to take 4 days to download :partying_face:

Game still freezing on ps4. Nothing changed.


No yellow lotus potion fix, or did i just over read it?

Climbing is still not working right.

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Thank you so much for fixing bomb dupe :pray:t3: We had naked level 20-40s coming to bomb dupe every day

If you couldnt see the issue with thunder storm you srsly have an issue and not play from any base yourself.

If it means the destruction of bases that have been there since launch on a pvp server, I 100% support the meta even if it means my base is at risk (which can easily be mitigated with teleport stones).

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The previous damage from lightning was actually far more detrimental to people with small clans that cannot rebuild as quickly. It is a good change. Wiping anyone’s base should be difficult and time consuming.

Small clans don’t distinguish between LS vs explosion vs avatar…they all wip said base with ease. All this limit does is stops small clans from being a threat to large ones and the large ones benefit from the change significantly more than the small ones do.



There is better, but that’s not it.

let’s start with the good news :wink:

I was able to connect to my little base and I didn’t freeze, it’s cool and almost miraculous :+1:

Then another miracle happened :pray:, I was able to open the Bazaar menu for the first time, YOUPI :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:, I didn’t freeze :+1:

Then I took a thrall and I walked a few steps to fight in the unnamed city, that went well, I didn’t freeze. :upside_down_face:

I was able to complete a challenge to devour a hero heart and return to my base. (incridible :pray: :muscle:)

Then I tried a second challenge, making a tool, I went to the workshop, I didn’t freeze, the challenge is to unlock :+1:

and …, I reopened the menu, and you know what?

PATATRAC!!! la cata

I have FREEZed

:smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you and…
I’ll come back later, good luck


Sooo…. Nothing at all about the invisible followers? Glad you spell checked though! Awesome job.

FEEDBACK (Patch 3.03):

Just prior to this morning’s patch, I played the Wine Cellar Dungeon in SOLO mode and the frame freeze/hiccups made it impossible to avoid Thrag’s glowing disco floor attack, I died. So I was pumped to try it again today, following the new patch. But first I experimented with some other well known issues.

  • graphics are quicker to render, and fighting is smoother, less choppy because graphics aren’t freezing as often. My base loads smoother, and opening chests freeze less often and for shorter bursts.

  • GAME TWEAK ERROR RESTART error in solo mode seems to be resolved.
    I played for several hours today, freezing up multiple times but I did not experience the GAME TWEAK ERROR once.
    Thank you FUNCOM!


  • Challenges|BattlePass|Bazaar tabs is well known to cause freezing since its introduction in 3.0 Sept.1/2022. (so I played with that).

I was VERY surprised to find out BattlePass|Bazaar|Challenges tabs have SOUND!

I had not experienced sound on those tabs before. I tried to navigate through tabs several times to figure out what triggered what sounds…and everything worked exceedingly well, then the lockups started.

(humble suggestion from a big fan, since so many freeze/crashes result from graphics sound combination now, this still being a work in progress, maybe we could disable sounds associated with BattlePass on older machines under Performance Mode Performance (no BattlePass Sounds, no Sorcery sounds). I would much rather have working sorcery than awesome sounds associated with game freeze.

Froze the game multiple times exploring the Challenges|BattlePass|Bazaar tabs, in quick succession.

Froze the game multiple times using sorcery. 100% reproducible.

Tried to enter the Wine Cellar Dungeon to test the improved graphics I had been experiencing with this morning’s patch, and froze entering the Wine Cellar Dungeon. Stopped testing for today.

The above examples include me exploring aspects of the game that were already reported to be game breaking. Staying to a modest play style, avoiding sorcery, and avoiding BattlePass and Bazaar tabs I do see some game improvement with this newest patch. I am still hopeful, but the big issues that predated this patch, with the exception of the graphics rendering to base and characters have largely not yet been addressed for the PS4. :no_mouth:

PS4, solo mode, internal HD, 243GB free, Conan Exiles Map.
(Played on Performance mode)


First of all, it is some Improvement to be able to use illusioned items. This one says, good first step in walking back pay to loot.

The render speed is much improved.

The stability is slightly improved.
Still getting freezes and CE-34878-0 crashes when interacting with Storage devices and opening more advanced menus such as the Battle Pass. Not with the same regularity as before, so the patch does definitely seem to have helped.
Not as stable as before 3.0 tho.

Keep up the efforts, progress is being made.


Most of the stability issues seem to have been resolved, texture rendering speed as well, but there are still some minor issues.
The tents in Sepermeru are still invisible, as are some items from Conan’s Tavern and Cellar Dungeon. Other than that, the game is playable in a satisfying way.


First time posting on here and downloaded the new patch for ps4 today and it made the game unplayable for me and my friend. He can’t log into the game without it crashing. Side note: The patch never did anything for applying weapon kits to punching daggers of any kind. Thanks

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PS4 with HDD, Single-Player, Exiled Lands:

  • Still can’t see health bars from any ally or enemy (Have been like this since 3.0).
  • Still randomly getting stability 0 building pieces that won’t let me build my base (No matter if I delete the piece and put another, some spots will just be stability 0 no matter what).
  • Sorcery still crashes the game more than half of the time.
  • Going to battle pass/challenges freezes the game more than half of the time.
  • Bodies still fall through the mesh.
  • The event in Sepermeru never happens.
  • A ton of invisible stuff like parts in Sepermeru, the bottom part of the tier 3 Derketo Altar, etc.
  • The volcano boss encounter still has to be done like a million times because he either doesn’t spawn or is invisible or doesn’t drop anything, etc, etc (This is just embarrassing it’s been like this since forever).
  • Are we still suppossed to be waiting for the mummy of the ring encounter? lol

Uninstalled (again), see you next “”“patch”“”.


Where is the fix for battlepass challenges actually getting 5 x10 a day still not seeing it after pactch an cant get a straight answer been waiting on a funcom response for hree weeks