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Patchnotes: :news: PS4 Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.3 (2022.10.19)] - #11 by Dana

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Hello! Quick question as the patch downloads to my system: Does the reduced Arcane Curio Cabinet storage mean that loot in excess of the new limit that was in there prior to this patch will be lost?

Two Points of inquiry.

  1. would it be possible in future Battle Pass Seasons/Bazaar updates if storage items had a note on them regarding how many storage slots they are intended to have?
    Sub question, will items in excess of the corrected capacity remain in the shelf until removed or shall they be excised into the Outer Dark? While this one adores the idea of a carnivorous cabinet fueled by fell magics, it would be a very uncomfortable shock to discover that over a certain fullness the bag of holding becomes a bag of devouring.

  2. As there are no mentions of stability or optimization in this patch, are these items still being worked on for future patches?



it seems the watcher stuff is not fixed. it shows up saying i can learn it but it will not let me learn it. think its still bugged.

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hello all :slight_smile:

i have maaaaany questions;

why i have to set every time the "all see weapon/ only me/ no showing to no one (“no showing to no one” work alone for the person who set this, works like “only me”)?

why it is newly so that when you start the game that the char stand up in the beginning? (in water the air flows away because the char is actice but my self i see only loading) … is this eventually the reason of that “blitting” when you "see your char after loading?)

why the heck is my dead body after 4 times ps4 restart UNDER the ring of power?

why are some NPC´s are invisible yet? (a *** spider has killed me (invisible)

why my base dont despawn after 40 meters? (i have set it on power mode 40 meters sight)

why my NPC´s standing in the floor yet?

why the dancer´s (often) don´t dance?

why we can´t climb normaly? (yesterday for example i had many probs at the volcano)

i have sooo many why´s left … there is to much lol

but one question i have at least WHY THE HELL YOU DONT FIX THE LAGS/CRASHES/ERRORS? and that PRONTO please … !!!

sorry guys but i am very angry at this point … every time new shit new shit but the old probs atre still there and nothing happens (idk for what are the last 20 "stability patches was but nothing change in that direction!
the game self is great but it can´t be, that i (or all ps4 player) have to leave because i / we dont have the money to buy a ps5 (and there the gameplay is it not really better, a little bit faster yes but that´s it)

ps: english is not my language for that sorry if you see errors :stuck_out_tongue:


This patch…why are you guys only focusing on bazzaar items and illusion item from the battle pass instead of focusing on the main problem everyone is complaining about? Fixing performance issues for the game. This patch contains NOTHING(not even exaggerating lol) on performance and stability btw. Did you guys get tired of copy and pasting “Fixed a numbers of crashes and instability issues that should result in better game stability”?


Console players deserve some kind of response from Funcom since the game is pretty much unplayable on PS4 & even for some PS5 players.
Also this update seems to have nothing in it to fix these performance issues that a large chunk of your player base is having.

Ex: I tried playing the game yesterday and it was nothing but constant lags and freezing. I ended up frozen at least once every 15 minutes if not in a shorter time frame. Logging in flashes the screen to black repeatedly. Crom forbid you try to look at battle pass on an online server. :woman_facepalming:
Needless to say I played less than 2 hours of that bull, just journeyed to my friend’s base.

We deserve a response. We deserve a fix. This update, doesn’t fix anything.




I am sure they are still working on that problem and a patch will come soon.

look at settings / gameplay and look down the last entry (show sheathed weapons)

Great, another patch that dances around important issues such as taking 5 minutes every loading screen. But heck, at least the arcane bookshelves are correct now. I’m sure the whole community is excited about that!


I hear that. I’m still ranting about my battlepass items not showing up in my ancestral knowledge and the crashes but hey at least they fixed the good stuff. Well done funcom

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I know I’m excited since I have loaded the Arcane Cabinets. Sure hope the excess is just wiped away.

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Please fix stability issues with 3.0.
Conan Sorcery is beautiful, and the fact that my console momentarily lock freezes every time I try to access a chest’s inventory, my thralls’ inventory, a workbench/work station this is an inconvenience that eventually leads to a Game Freeze is ridiculous.

I can play minimalistically by avoiding all containers, and minimal thrall interaction
(Never dream of trying the Sorcery “Game CRASHING” animation)
I now have lost track of how many days since this buggy mess was released.

I appreciate Devs creating these threads and keeping them alive, but please deal with the stability issues. The stability seems to exist around accessing most external inventories, which is the entire game, farming, acquiring, sorting and building.

Pre-3.0 was an amazing accomplishment.
Please fix your game. Thank you.


Tried to make a spell… And need a restart…


The latest update (3.0.4), the piece “Rudimentary Wood Stop” is included in the Build Starter Set 2 (purchased in the bazaar with real money) simply disappear after the update in build menu. I also can’t generate the following admin command, returning the message “failed to create item 1 x game item 161.”
(see attached photos).

The carrying capacity of objects and things, which had improved after a 3.0.3 update, has gone bad again.

I hope they don’t take long to fix these bugs, especially the item purchased from the bazaar Funcom!

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Maybe because they know if the bazaar and battle pass don’t work to people’s satisfaction, no-one will use them and the game will be defunded.

Performance issues have always been a thing. The fact they don’t fix them quickly might mean they don’t actually affect player numbers all that much. Maybe the performance issues only affect a small minority? I play on PS4 and it’s as stable on my machine as it was pre-3.0 (ie not very lol). People aren’t going to come online to say “hey, everythings working as intended.” :man_shrugging:t2:

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I understand and respect your opinion. I’m glad at least the game works better for you bro. But I have to disagree with you. Majority of console players ARE having performance issues. Whether its things not rendering(dlc pets,trees/bushes, tents,armor) or the game freezing/blue screening when using spells or opening storage. Let say players DO want to buy the battlepass or their overpriced bazaar items they’ll need to buy crom coins right? four patches in and we STILL have players not receiving their coins but are getting charged. Why should us console players continue to blindly fund these devs in the hopes that MAYBE our money whether from buying the game/battlepass-bazaar or dlc is going into bettering the game? When the devs weren’t really transparent in the way they “fix” the game anyway? Yes the game has had performance issues before but never this frequent for this long.


You don’t need to disagree coz I’m not saying it works for most people. I’m saying maybe it works for most people, we don’t know. If it does, that explains why they aren’t fixing it fast. Or maybe they’re trying to fix it but can’t work out the problem, we just don’t know because they wont say much, as usual.

You said the majority of console players are having issues, but I don’t know how you know that.

We shouldn’t. I agree. It’s OK for me but I feel sorry for you and others who are having problems.

I switched from Xbox to PS4 a few years ago, and at the time I switched the game was unplayable on my Xbox and had been for three months. Unfortunately this has happened before :face_with_diagonal_mouth: