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Patchnotes: PS4 Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery

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So at what time will it go live on ps4? been checking for updates since it “released” on pc

Any ETA when update drops for PS4/PS5?

Already dropped. Mine is loading right now. Check for updates for the conan game in main menu of ps


Any word on the crom coin for the PS Store? Is that also on the delay?

So when is the ps5 getting the enhanced edition!?!? Xbox has it over a year now yet all we get is fk all! I’m disappointed that all of ya who play on ps5 are happy that you are getting such a bad treatment here! While next gen Xbox enjoys with higher fidelity and 60fps…

Loved the game. But the devs can go eat some gruel!

I Download 3.0

Everything is buggy… complete base is there but many parts invisible… my charakter is invisible too… i can only see his head. I try to enter the sorcerer cave, i died from the world

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unfortunately is everything buggy my base is there but many parts are invisible.
I hope it gets fixed me and my friends have put many days, weeks and months into our bases.
otherwise I love the new content!

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All unplayable.

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LOL! I’m so sorry this is going down this way and it doesn’t look like it will be a fun Friday for the Oslo team. Better hold off popping the cork for mission accomplished.

That picture…its funny…in a SMH sort of way. I can just visualize the drain on the teams.

@Community Please relay that we (at least I am) are still supportive and know they are working hard to get this fixed.


there is no grass and the trees have no leaves and I just met an invisible alligator :joy:

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ghost gators…d@mn ghost gators.

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i have the feeling the grafic on ps5 is different (not better) than before the patch (i dont mean the missing textures) someone else notice this? like the trees in a bit distance

OK now its happen. The first time where i say this update su*ks. sry

I had planned on revisiting the Exiled Lands to try out the new aspects of the game being introduced with the 3.0 Update. I was also entertaining the idea of purchasing the BattlePass to help support the game.
However, considering the amount of issues I am hearing about after this update, I don’t feel comfortable shelling out for the BattlePass currently.

I will wait and see what the next patch brings to the game before I consider returning.

After 10 mins waiting, nothing happen. (PS5 & Xbox X)
That is really annoying…


Unfortunately it’s impossible to play the game now! Some wildlife is invisible ( crocs ), almost every light armor is invisible, some dlc pieces are invisible. There’s an aura around you when you enter the water. The rest seems to be working until now. The combat movement is better, and the build menu is great. I’ll play in single player for the time being. It’s safer.

Why wasn’t this tested before release? Why would a game company release an untested version on Playstation?

Months of hard work will now result in getting offline raided by players who have a PS5. All because it wasn’t thoroughly play tested on Playstation 4 before release. The game is barely playable. And only when you aren’t near anything that renders. Missing textures, video freezing lag, and connectivity issues. This was supposed to improve our Conan Exiles experience. Many people will quit playing and not wait for a fix (or give another chance) to the game. Can you really afford to lose any more players? The exploits are already a problem (like body vaults & undermeshing), and many players are tired of putting up with it. I can’t imagine what it’ll do to the player base on Xbox or PC if there are similar issues with those platforms after the 3.0 release. I’m tired of being excited for a game (or update) to release, and then finding out that it’s complete garbage. Gamers demand better!


I was hyped to finally get in to 3.0. But… I would pretend, Funcom, that I didnt see this unprofessional release. Please take your time and ensure that console version is released only when it is tested.

P.s. Not sure how this kind of sw passed Sony certification.

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for the new challanges i need to pray at telith´s island. on siptah.