PS4 Update Age 1 Chapter 2 (2022.12.06) - Discussion Megathread

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Lots of awesome improvements on paper. Downloading the patch to see how it works in reality. Nevertheless excited for the new additions!


I had two hicups trying to load the EL pre chapter 2 saved game. Rebooting the console (soft reboot) solved it. Siptah map was successfully loaded at first attempt.
All purchases worked fine, but I’m not seeing the war horn emote on my wheel.
Now there’s a whole lot of testing to do. This will take a while!

Furniture still invisible inside “Conan’s bar”. Same for the tents. Come on guys…

But oh boy, you’re in for a surprise when you go there!
Don’t go alone, prepare to capture and prepare for a long fight with a cherry on top.
I managed to end the event, encounter I mean :smile:, but if you go alone, prepare for a surge type scenario with a demanding, albeit predictable, 3 skulls boss. All in all, very cool!
Got me a new t4 fighter to toy with. :grin: The loot is amazing if you’re not end game. Totally worth it!


Well not a good start as soon as i opened battlepass menu game crashed!

Added new line under Known Issues and reflected it in the changelog.

As noted above, you will need to place your Nemedian fireplaces again facing the correct way!


So my first 15 minutes with the update on ps4 official pvec:

  • screenflickering for the first seconds in the world still exists
  • loading doors still takes a while…
  • first walks at my base feeling good. Less laggy.
  • dekreto shrin footer is visible again
  • Body texture has very very poor resolution.
  • first look at battlepass and bazaar items. Nice stormglas set and the bp items are cool too. I think I will spend my last 3k cc on this.
  • trying to do a spell… Freeze and here we go again… If I want to continue playing now I have to wait 20 minutes for doors again…

Waiting for doors in combination with this freezes is the ugliest game killer for me…

I am reading that tents and Conans bar stuff are still invisible…

I hope some fixes will make an full enjoyable game again out of this. And maybe it happens before the next chapter comes up.

I like what I saw at the bazar and bp and also it was a smoother experience at my base on my poor ps4…
But sorry your new main content (sorcery spells) still not working… After 3 month and a new chapter.
In German I would write ‘er war stets bemüht’ in your employment certificate


Tents appeared again. :blush:Furniture still invisible.:neutral_face:
It also affects the cellar. There’s barrels, but hanging on air. The door rim inside the cellar (door that leads outside) is also missing, so you can see the undemesh textures through it. That hasn’t changed. Nothing game breaking, but kills a bit the immersion.

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I’m not seeing the “T4” blue mark on thrall icons. Guess it didn’t make the cut.

Can we get chapter 3 to fix the mount interaction with horses? Something happened in 3.0 that made this go wonky and mounting takes a couple of tries to figure out the right spot where you can trigger the mount AND ensure your tagalong thrall(s) isn’t in the way.


At least I see many performance improvements.that is good!
But maybe I need to accept that I never become an online sorcerer on ps4 :sweat_smile:

After the first freeze I have gone to singleplayer for a few minutes. Single player is working fine.

Back to official online and walked through sepermeru. No lag, no invisible npc and good grafics. Made a visit at the nearby witch hunter spot. Back at home opened the bp menu and freeze.

Now I am waiting for more than 30 minutes for doors … That is a little bit gamebreaking for me. If this would happen only once you start playing… but now with the freez problems I am spending to much time on waiting for doors to appear for each session.


I can say just this…
(Before I start, I will congratulate you once more @Ignasi for your typing skills, I really enjoy again reading the patch notes, thank you my friend, really!!)
When I download the game I was wondering

Will I be able to play the game?
Or I will be crawling like the last time we had the update?

So I started a new character to release the ghosts of the past. But still where do you hide the yellow snow, I still didn’t find any in the map

You should add a feature of our toon creating yellow snow when we witness a corrupted Saber :wink:.
So I logged in… Fast enough… Well, that’s a great start I said…
I started running… No problems… We are going good I said
Aaaa, now I will get you guys, let’s open the bazzar… No crash… It’s getting better…
Let’s be admin and teleport… No crash… Hmmmm
Battle pass, now you will crash for sure…what? No crash yet, nothing? Really guys? What about traditions? Well since you are going to leave behind all these traditions, then…

I love you!
Thank you!
Going to play now, catch you later :grin:


Seems to be working more smoothly, right? I’m still to start building, but my impression is that there is an overall improvement.


Man, I logged in on 8006, went 10 times up and down. Opened all my chests, ride a horse, changed outfit. NO CRASH :grin:.
Ofcurce I find a small bug for report, but right now I don’t care, I am so happy I can play on my servers again, it’s all I care… Finally!


Every time I enter the Battlepass the game freezes in single player 5 times now

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You are standing in the Yellow Snow my friend. @stelagel

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I have crashed on battlepass, only once so far mind you…

The good:

  • I am pleased with slightly improved performance and faster loading times.
  • I like that the human bodies no longer disappear as soon as you look away.
  • Invisible followers are visible again, which is very convenient.
  • I like the new Witch Hunt mechanics a lot.
  • New idle animations are nice. Though 30 seconds is too long. And I want following thralls to use these animations too.
  • New events are great (I haven’t seen them all yet, but those that I saw are lit)

The bad:

  • Performance is still poor even with these improvements.
  • Poor texture streaming is still a thing even near a small base
  • New Battle Pass is a let down and disappointment. I don’t like that there are 14 floor and wall paints (7 in the Chapter 1) and another bunch of colored torches. Feels like a filler. No building blocks.

By crom i really happy that i can play it on PS5.
Works really good, switched between the BLB and BP without any problems.
Gosh now it makes sense to play that game everyday again.

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