PS4 Update Age 1 Chapter 2 (2022.12.06) - Discussion Megathread

This one has noticed marked improvement in both stability and render times.
Some textures take their sweet time, and doors still come to the party last… But it is very clear progress.
This is only a prima facie take. More may come up later.

Also, the Stormglass set in the Bazaar is all together and at a price this one finds reasonable for content. Much better.

We’re more sorcerers added to the maps for this season? The place is lousy with them. Not a complaint as they are a high value harvest resource.

Speaking of the event…
Some of the Khitan traders have set up very close to hostiles. This one has been attacked while in conversation about purchases…
But a small thing


So to check, will old Encounters still remain active or are they being retired?


Enemy players now have green Health bars which is very confusing and annoying in pvp.

Oh, the armour demo in the shop is appreciated.
For weapons, it still doesn’t note exactly what they are a skin for.
Altho not to this one’s particular preference, is the Hyrkanian Pulwar a Sword or Shortsword?
It looks like a cutting tool, but then again, so does the Tarnished Shortsword.

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They are active. I got one today (grave matters) and also got an amazing new one (blowback).


Oh so now it’s finally active now? Awesome.

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It’s really cool.

The Viking horn emote is under misc, with the symbol of the kneeling sit.
The kneeling sit is missing from the emotes.

King Kappa is visible again.
I got an invisible lion today, though (I was doing a challenge). I know the spawn and I’m sure it was a lion because the challenge was completed. I could only see the floating eyeballs and a tiny, slim, almost invisible strip of fur. Killed a small cub, also invisible and it counted two dead lions. Sorry Simba!

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The performance has clearly improved. :blush:


PS5 load big after death still persists. Random. Sometimes you respawn fine, sometimes the bar loads forever and you have to force quit the game. Disappointing.

So still no fix of the yellow lotus potion bug that breaks sorcery progression? It’s broken my character. You guys have been aware if this bug since day one, because many people reported it. Have you stuck your head in the sand? Do I have to delete my 2 year progress on that character and start again because you are unable to fix this bug?

It’s not a bug! Dont use yellow potions unless your character is new. You have midnight alchemy for changing attributes! If you play Siptah and you don’t have midnight alchemy, go kill the lion and harvest it with eldarium tool upgraded! Every time you kill the lion you will gain either feat, either attribute potions, or both. Yellow lotus has penalty for using it in high levels!


PS4 single player
Finally a new patch! Let’s check it out!
First log in i could finally check the bazaar items.Sad thing the sandstone pack is gone but there’s a new one. Let’s check the Battle Pass! Instant freeze.
Log in again. Instant freeze in the Bazaar. Wtf?
Let’s try again! Bazaar works,BP instant freeze. Ok it
Let’s try to play a bit! Moving around my base,fire places were turned around. Funny. Turned them back. Let’s go and try to get the sorcerer tome. At the location i was looking for the cave entrance, then suddenly a game crash.
Let’s try again! Corrupted save file. This isn’t funny. Downloaded the old save from the cloud. After using all my points to learn again everything froze again.
Ok last try. Log in. Moving around my base. Less than 2 min and froze again. this shit!
Thinking about the good old times before this (sh.t) Sorcery, the game was laggy, it has texture bugs, world bosses didn’t spawn, but at least we could play and enjoy this buggy game. Even Projekt Red could fix Cyberpunk in a year, but this game is still in ruins. Will it ever work when it reaches Sorcery chapter 6 or do we have to wait for Conan Exiles 2 on PS6? Or do we have to forget this game forever and never buy anything from Funcom because there’s a chance that you’ll lose everything? It’s sad.

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I am suffering the instant freeze on battlepass as well very dissapointing

The Longest Journey and Dreamfall are good.

It’s a bug. Ive used yellow lotus Many times. I’m talking about sorcery. If you use yellow lotus during your sorcery upgrades, it stops progression. The tome upgrade on the bench disappears and you can’t unlock anymore sorcery levels. There’s been many complaints. It’s a bug they are ignoring.

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Im having the same issue on ps5

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Funcom are ignoring it. It’s a game breaking bug.

Where do I start with this?

I approached Chapter 2 with cautious optimism given the promise of numerous bug fixes that popped up with chapter one. And god knows there were plenty.

I jumped on Tuesday night and all of the previous graphics glitches are still present, there are some new ones, and in some cases they are even worse than before.


The ground texture detail is still gone in many areas of the map. The ground details are mostly a giant blurred mess especially on the pebbles near Mounds of the Dead. All thralls and other building items render in black until you get five blocks away, then they render in correctly. Skins on furniture blur and flicker. When I exit my base, the outside terrain is black for about two seconds, then it flickers in. It seems every fifth frame is skipping and rubber banding is simply awful now.


There are still sound delays during combat while the FX plays catch up.


Characters are still unable to grab onto the top of items when you’re climbing, often resulting in death if you’re high up. It’s even worse if you are holding the repair hammer.

And speaking of repair hammer, holding it pretty much restricts you from doing anything.


Against my better judgement I made more bazaar purchases and picked up the Stormglass upgrade. Credit where credit is due, these are some of the best building items you’ve made to date. The look of my new base is simply stunning. Well done. Naturally, the bazaar went down an hour later and I was unable to access anything of the new blocks. The quality of the new battlepass items is lacluster. Giving us more torches, when it’s common knowledge that flickering flames affect Playstation performance is a bit tone deaf.A quarter of them are wall and floor paints. Utterly unispired. You have great artists on hand, the bazaar should be where they can flourish.

I’ll purchase building updates, but your bazaar prices are insane. Especially given the price and value of previous DLC and given you said you were going to address that.

I love this game, and have done so for years, but you have some serious Playstation issues that would cause a causal player to walk away immediately. We need some assurances that you intend to fix them, especially with you charging us for so many add on features now. Please, please, please put some effort into improving the Playstation experience. It’s never been this bad. While these bugs are not game-breaking, they do ruin the experience.

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