PS4 - Age of Sorcery Performance Patch - Discussion Megathread

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Does anyone know when the update will be out due to the fact that I have not received it have been trying to “Check for update” but it comes through as “The installed application is the latest version.” and all servers are shown as invalid right now?


on ps5 i am downloading the update in this moment

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Thank you. It’s also out out on ps4 now.


So just download update? Any have ps4, does it show?

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you correct errors in the game, but you can’t fix the basic error, which is the endless loading screen. you did it a year ago… remember… what’s wrong with fixing bugs if the pve-c servers don’t work at all.


Looking forward to my pet cat no longer being invisible!

He somehow sneaks into rooms :slight_smile:

When I was working on a new storage area last night, the invisible cat somehow kept coming into the storage area and blocking where I was trying to build lol

I put him outside like 3 times and closed the door each time.

But the cat came back…


3 hours of play all over siptah, and nothing special to say. No crash (i tried a few times my extremly often crash point) no loading issues with textures (just 9 players online). It seems good!


There are still numerous bugs with the PS version. I think you guys need to address these properly, do a full job and not a half assed one, or start issuing ps users full refunds. We don’t even have ps5 optimization. Why did my gf and I spend hundreds of dollars and hours on this game?

My pets still blink out and turn invisible, get trapped in floors or disappear. Items crafting in armor benches will get cleared if I take or add another item to the bench. I also have followers just randomly stop attacking or helping while following. There is constant rubber banding and other things I don’t even feel like listing.

Fix this game and optimize it. I am close to starting petitions and seeing how I can pursue a refund, and not just for myself.


Put in a ticket to finally get the plumbing installed. Hope you will arrive soon.

The game does seem smoother and with less stuttering, especially around encounters.

Thralls being packaged with build pieces in the build anywhere setting is greatly appreciated by this one. Gratitude.

Foliage still seems to take it’s sweet time blooming on Siptah.

Overall, while not an exciting update, it seems to improve stability and performance issues, and that is very weighty for this one.


Played a bit tonight on PS5. The invisible cat was visible. Although sometimes pre-patch he was visible. I’ll keep an eye on him. Cats are sneaky! :eyes:

I’m looking forward to testing out map room transfer loading screens and instance loading screens. Maybe those panthers at jungle obelisk finally won’t be able to kill me during the screen loading :slight_smile:

Hi there,
After updating Conan yesterday.
Ive noticed many fixes. Thanks so much for the update.
However, unfortunately the stability of the game has not improved. I have experienced regular crashes since the update.
Im playing on official server 8053 pvec. The server is repeatedly crashing. Shortly before the crash ive experienced the ability to do nothing within the game with the exception of movement. Thats when you know a crash is immanent.
Thanks for your continued support in a game so many of us love. :slightly_smiling_face:


Team fights are laggy and people hitting from miles away can’t even dodge anything holy


Witch Hunter Encounter events doesn’t spawn on Siptaha anymore. I was going to check out Fire encounter on Siptah for the 1st time after latest Feb 7th 1.87 PS4 “performance” patch. No event. 1st I thought I’m at wrong location. I was searching for it at 1st Men Furnaces. But after that I went to Darkness encounter spaw location there was no encounter. Darkness and Lightning and Fog were spawning everytime for me before this update… FunCrom it’s last 3 weeks of Chapter II. I need to finalise my skull grind!? Nooooo!
Did any1 checked Siptah servers as well as Exiled Lands solo and servers?

I will say load times are 10x better which is great. However the lag was a little better before the update… I’m not sure why there isn’t more testing for consoles before patch’s.

So far I’ve noticed.

Bad lag in a busy server(worse than before) the rubber banding is insane

A new bug (haven’t figured out how it happens yet) where you are not able to climb or jump. This is similar to the double jump bug where you couldn’t jump or climb but it happens without double jump now.

Not able to put gates down on foundations. ( this worry’s me because there was once a duplication glitch with gates)

Some animals are invisible.

Plants/trees still do not render in on siptah.

More to come most likely


Noticed this Yesterday too. Wasn’t sure about it because was for a short time while I was running and falling down but the jump doesn’t happen. It feels like I know it from the double jump build.
Second time I noticed something strange like that was under water. With x I don’t get up need to do it by looking at the direction. But I came out of the water and everything was fine after that

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My game is running like 1 frame per 2 3 seconds, my friends online are flying to me, its a complete mess.
I uninstalled the game and reinstaled it, but it is still the same

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today, 15 people online, i fought an complete invisible elephant. the taskmaster of my gibbet is no longer visible. the ice lotus in my planter is invisible too.

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I think the east fix will be to wipe every server and start fresh there’s a lot of old crap on current servers causing this. Test live is usually new updated servers. Just do it if it will be better for the long run. Who cares about the people crying it’s not that hard to farm anymore

On Isle of Siptah I am continuing to have the same issue where folliage and several animals ( and baby animals ) are invisible. I do not notice improvements to how the issues were previously. Is anybody else continuing to have the same issues?

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