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Patchnotes: :news: PS4 Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery - #6 by Ignasi

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I can see the build now and everyone has pants on but still freeze in battle pass menu.

slaves still don’t take food from the slave pot

Aren’t they only do this if they get hurt?

  • We’ve cut down on Thrall’s gluttony and they will now only take food from the Thrall pot if they are below maximum health.

loading after death takes about 2 minutes, the radius of aggression of monsters is incredible, they come running from nowhere. stamina is spent disproportionately quickly, as if in heavy armor in overload


before they didn’t eat much, each slave took food in each cell of his inventory, if you fill all the cells of the slave’s inventory with things and leave a stack of food in the last one, he will consume little food

Loading the location after teleportation is many times longer than before the update, the textures are partially black, when running and at a closer distance you can see how it turns into normal

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playing without dexterity 15 points is torture


  • The Sorcerer in Bastard’s Stand should now spawn correctly. The bastard.

Man, whenever I read your update notes I am always not enough prepared for this.
You have a gift, a wisdom to make a boring report to the most exciting article someone can read! BRAVO, CONGRATULATIONS,
I don’t know if this is enough to what you really are!
What a joy, what a privilege you are!
Funcom is very lucky having you and we are more lucky than Funcom to read your “reports”!
Thank you Ignasi for everything!

Thank you for letting us know for the danger of using yellow lotus potion, I really appreciate the honesty!

About the Crom coins, I didn’t had to restart, they showed up after awhile on the upper right of my television! Just saying!

It took me more than 10 efforts to finally made it buy the battle pass!!! Come on guys let me help keep the lights on :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I have to say that I finally after several crushes, “accidentally” press x and managed to buy it and I was omg I made it, yes, yes, yes,…
Can you please see this, it’s no so clear how someone on Playstation 4 can buy the battle pass. Thank you.

Guys feel free to read the patch note and fix your day!

Thank you Ingasi for everything, really :metal:.


a throwing ax - the strength of the weapon, a dart - dexterity. I do not understand

this slave had 14k hp

earlier, the champion of the arena took away half of the HP from this slave, and now what will happen to him? Took authority, does not help, 2 slaves killed the skeleton longer than me

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Game still freezes after about 20 seconds while inside base. I can pull bracelet, go to bedroll, and there don’t seem to be any issues. Why would the base cause so much lag that the game freezes?

Thank you Devs too, hot fix in Sunday??? This is a really good answer for people blaming ruthless your team @den pass my love and respect to all of your team, thank you a Milion :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Please figure out memory management and port an updated version for ps5. I miss playing but it got so bad after Siptah and when I know my console can handle this game and then some and it runs so poorly. I have zero interest in returning.

Also, your starting another game??? Dune??? Please get conan into a functional solid gaming experience before pushing out another IP.

PS: if you think having full nudity on consoles is hurting your sales in America. It’s not at all. People either play this game, or they played it or they wont ever play it. The days of getting new young players is gone. So stop worrying about it and throw some nudity on the table.

PSS: I love yall and I LOVED playing this game and yes, I purchased all the DLCs, so please shift resources towards ironing out the sketchyness of Exiles and throw a ps5 update on the table for one last push before moving everyone over to the new IP and setting up a skeleton crew to manage conans live service future.

Not trying to be a dick. But I spent 3 years playing this game A LOT and I want to know its worth returning and giving xbox an upgrade but not playstation felt like a slap in the face.


After hot fix I cant drink healing potions or when i use yellow lotus potion cant learn sorcery

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. Trees and grass do not appear
. LAG is unbearable
. Picking an workstaion or made item (ex: feed box) DESTROYS IT - Major issue
. Textures taking much longer to load
. Game taking 50x longer to startup

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The patch does not appear to have done anything to resolve freezing issues. I’ve tried to play for a bit twice today (PS4, Single Player). I froze six times over the course of approx one hour (that includes the time spent reloading the game). I can generally run around the area around my base but whenever I try to interact with anything in my base or the bazaar / battlepass I end up frozen (battlepass seems to be a particular problem).

My character is also sinking into the ground in some areas to the extent that they’re going completely under the terrain (this also existed before the 3.0.1 Patch.

So for me I’m afraid despite the 3.0.1 Patch the game remains largely unplayable.

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It is impossible to make an improved fish trap, a simple trap cannot be taken into inventory, it is destroyed

Maybe for you? Cause I don’t have a “dexterity” attribute. Maybe try a different build?

Agreed…I didn’t know about this bug either…Thankfully I came up with a pretty potent build first time out. I’m a fighting farmer that can cast spells with the best. Pretty fun build.

The battle pass was an easy buy for me on PS5. Never had a problem with it or the ability to purchase coins. I started with the basic pass but about 8 tiers in, I decided to go for the upgrade…it added 15 levels to where I was. Nice.

Have you been living in a closet? lol. Thralls have been brought down to reality. YOU have to do the work now. Your thrall will NOT be winning battles for you. They’re a support object now. You can’t just leave them out there to fight your battles. They WILL die.

I’m assuming you’re build like the “old school” PvP bases? Meaning a lot of foundations and stacking and all that type of stuff. That is no longer acceptable and will cause you all kinds of problems. If someone sees it, you will probably get reported and admin wiped. Soooo just be warned…

IF that is the case.

If not, I’m assuming you’re on older gen console and I’d check the amount of available space. If it’s low it think it can cause problems.

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My entire clan is on PS5 without any of these problems you speak of. That’s 15 people in two clans. Zero problems. Maybe it’s something else?

The game is more than functional and a solid gaming experience for everyone I play with. Especially since the update. We’re all having a blast.

Still trying to figure out what you mean by this. And a “PS5 Update” is not going to be coming anytime soon. I have to agree with the devs here, when they said there is no difference for them on what you’d get on PS5 verus PS4. What do you mean about a PS5 update anyway? Better graphics? Done…Just by being on the PS5 you get improved graphics. Faster load times and transitions? Done. Ray tracing? Done.

So what exactly are you asking for in a “PS5” update?

That’s because you’re picking it up and not using the MOVE command. Use the MOVE option and you can move it wherever you want it. You don’t even need to remove the inventory. Also, so what if it does? You get 100% of the materials back so just place a new one down.

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