Game unplayable for Older Gen consoles

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Game unplayable for Older Gen players. Literally crashes at anything Sorcery related.

Yup, some folks are having issues,

here is a pretty decent thread that’s been going for a couple days about just this issue.

And here’s another one that has been going for about 3 days now, lots of valuable insights and discussions in both::

But to your initial comment, I can confirm I crash in game about 75% at the initial Sorcery animation. I’ve been avoiding sorcery, no point damaging my console, and when I play I limit my actions. Lots of work arounds, yeah it is in a bad state for sure, but welcome back to the Forums.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Could both of you share some information with us?

  • Your Xbox model
  • Server number or game mode where you experience the issue
  • What spell or steps do you perform consistently that you noticed is immediately crashing the game?

We understand crashes are very frustrating, but providing as much information as possible will help us narrow down the issue.

We count on your cooperation.

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