Fixes for irrelevant things

It will never happen since software companies are protected more than your human rights. They write directions for their own good. Just read EULA and all that mumbo jumbo before you actually install software. Tell me where you as a customer are protected in that?

Software development as a whole needs to change. Today everyone can sell junk like this no matter what.


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I speak from long experience with Sony, both as an application designer and member of their gamers’ outreach panels, they are aware of this issue. It would be my guess they are working with Funcom to create a revision for the PS4 port, and potentially as the final release for the platform. This would be the way many studios have proceeded in the past. Again, a guess from a fairly lengthy background of Sony’s commitment to the Player above all else. This is why we love the PlayStation, because how we are valued.

Some fixes for “irrelevant things” can also incorporate slipstreamed or unmentionable patches. Patches like this can’t be disclosed until the patchset is complete, or the infraction/infection is contained. So we might not see them reflected in the patch, but they have still been applied quietly for security purposes.


Industry development working fine… The problem in game dev is that we are just players and not company’s…

What do you think would happen if I am rollout untested updates to my customers like funcom do it to console players?

The only one who can make some pressure in this case are Sony and Microsoft.
They don’t even need to remove the game in first step from stores. Just give a warning that the game has issues that are not fixed now.
I think the other way would be a sh*tstorm on social media. But FC and Conan are too small that someone would listen and also I saw how good they are in ignoring the anger and just do the same on the next update.

I am not sure how to make a long term stable version of this game. I mean we are in a testlive situation on productive systems. Maybe they get everything to work in the next three month… But they will release new untested content in the next age of something and here we go again… Waiting 6 month for fixing issues.
I am console player from the first day and they never release something that works in the first month after release.

To be fair I am not thinking that FC is here the biggest problem.

Someone made a businessplan where on 1.sep the bp and bazar have to go live…

Devs, testers and community maybe says that’s not a good idea the game is not working on consoles… Just look at the 90% of textures that was invisible at release…
I can not imagen that nobody seen this before release. But I am sure the businessplan guy says that gamers has no lawyers and Sony don’t care about their players if its not a game like cyperpunk. Speaking for consoles I don’t think any of the Devs is proud of their work at this moment. They can do better but they need time and not pressure after releasing a not stable game


I really hope they will go this way. It should be done before 3.0 but I understand that they want the bp and bazaar in this last ps4 revision


It played fairly decent before Age of Sorcery. Alot of patches fixed stuff…broke stuff, fixed stuff… broke some more.

Fixed… There was diffidently a time it was “really” playable after patches.

Age of Sorcery was a major breaking point, and patches have done little in terms of bring it back.
I wish they had rolled back update. But to late now…

Hopfully by next year they’ll get it fixed. Or 2025… and they restart Season 1, so people can actaul enjoy the game working… and not staring at random blue screens from crashing.


Yes, the EULA and other legally questionable means of denying culpability.
None of which actually over rule even local law.
But that’s rushing directly to the truncheon.
No need for that.
This one is very old and views litigation as the venue of last resort and threatening it to be acceptable only as a courtesy notice to it’s actual use.
But this one would still yet leave it aside.

In the hierarchy of expressions of dissatisfaction, this one is about to close the book on pointed request. Which comes only after statement of concern. Litigation where things like “Rights” and “Arbitration” are the keynotes are not even in their infancy. Not the way this one likes to solve their quarrels. However, this one does not judge how others wish to pursue resolution and will assist when requested, as even if methods differ, goals do not.

There is, to be certain, a plethora of sicknesses in the industry. Some of which are merely reflections of a sickness within our greater society. Others a reflection of sickness within economic models. But how to fix these afflictions so that the patient and others suffering are given the most salubrious care while also ensuring long term relief from the most odious of symptoms?
This one is far from wise enough to see the route of greatest success.

So, when in doubt, this one follows the pattern that has kept them alive long enough to enjoy the silver sheen in their mane, and their wealth of scars and stories.
Which is, always acknowledge the problem, but give carrot every apparently reasonable chance before reaching for stick.
Perhaps course correction can take place because it is the correct thing to do, without requiring an authoritative mandate.
To see if someone will be decent, this one likes to give the opportunity.


The only console I own is a PS4, which I got solely for the purpose of playing a remake of a 32-year-old game. (I got the PS4 for free, and haven’t actually got as far as to play the game yet.) I’ve been a computer gamer since 1986.

Well, technically I do own a Pong console from late 1970s, but I have no idea where I have stored it. My home has a similar design to my Conan Exiles bases - random storage spaces with unknown capacity here and there, with contents often not related to where the storage space is located. And I’m afraid I don’t have a display or TV that could be connected to the console anymore.

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I LIKE IT! ~ guy from RoboCop

Your workroom with the Thundercats DVDs in the background among other things is awesome. Don’t ever think about changing.

Both of my PS4s have Western Digital Blue 7200 RPM. They were bought locally in Colorado, new at GameStonk. The PS4’s CPU is another matter, not really worth getting into in this thread. Point being, up to Conan Exiles 2.9, PS4 runs really quite admirably, despite all we’ve been through. It plays really quite nicely. (Edit: Not as nicely as 1.??, which is where my den PS4 is locked in time, but still…)


I think they do understand. I’m not going to get into it any more than that, but let’s just say, people can make bad assumptions at one time, and in life, you deal with it as best you can to keep moving ahead. Funcom will always have my respect because we can sit here in the forum and criticize all day with perfect 20/20, but they had to make hard decisions many times over and deal with all the blowback with minimal public appreciation. They can’t come out and defend themselves, and the echo chamber can say what they want. People can call me a white knight all they want, but the fact is I love the game and understand how business can go… I’m just happy to play this game and have new stuff continuing to come out.

LOL…oh my Crom! and after that,
the theme of this thread still drops me…

This thread, so "OOF !
“hey guys, hey guys, I Fixed the bookcase!”
lol. I’m dying!

It’s the same on the Xbox platforms. The game is not even remotely playable on the Xbox One, hasn’t been for at least 12 months to be honest. It should really be changed to Series X/S only at this point. Just as it should be PS5 only over on that platform.

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Oh boy I am sorry to hear that. Many months ago I tried to bring it up in a peaceful (so I thought) way and it blew up into ganging up, plus an enormous disagreement. There are some people who really don’t think the game should still be supported on our consoles, and I think that’s dead wrong.

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I think the real issue is when updates come out there is hope among pvp community they will finally add a new wrinkle that has a balancing effect, and when it doesn’t, people think the new mechanic broke pvp. But you can"t break what has been “broken” for a few years now.


This one would disagree.
Your earlier post was not too critical.
If was entirely valid.

Your commitment to a civil and balanced presentation of valid points is laudable.
You typed in irritation and anger. Perfectly understandable considering the circumstances. However, not a thing typed was false. The tone was not up to the standards you have internally but that is tone, not veracity.
Also, it is obvious that at least a few people somewhere in the eponymous they are having understanding issues.

What compounds the issue for this one is that the monetization seems aimed mostly at Console players.
It’s all about cosmetics, and Console players are the captive audience for that. PC players can get cosmetics from mods.
Only PC players on officials are restricted in such a way… And Funcom has already clarified their opinion regarding officials.

If it weren’t a good and beloved game (under the bugs), none of us would care when things go badly


At the moment I am happy with the new stairs. But when I think of the stairs from the mods that have been around for years… Why should I buy the new ones?

With the shop I also lost hope that there will be mods on console in the future. I can imagine that the financiers will say that mods for PC must also be taken out.

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I’m a PC player, but I’m hesitant to use cosmetic mods that add items to the game, because there’s always the chance that a future official update causes a database conflict with the modded item IDs and the game gets sucked into a black hole or something.

But I’m also hesitant to buy Bazaar cosmetics because, at any time, the connection to Funcom Live Services or whichever DRM system controls the “entitlement” could break, and the stuff ends up in a limbo. There’ve been enough connectivity issues with the Battle Pass and Bazaar systems even though the game itself has been running fine.

The clucked if you do, clucked if you don’t situation is unfortunate.

That does not change the fact that there are options open to some players not open to others.
If a console players wants new cosmetics, it is only official offerings.
If a PC player wants new cosmetics, the option of going for a (or making one’s own) mod is available. There may be pros and cons to that, but the option exists.
Mind you, in this case, that’s fine.
Playing on PC comes with mod options. That’s true on many games.
The counter balance is that consoles are supposed to have stronger quality control.

But from a marketing stance, who is the real target? The person who could get something similar for free or at more modest cost, or the person with literally no other choices?

That’s also a double-edged sword. PC gets releases sooner, even if they’re half-baked. Console players complain that they get their releases later, even if it means they get their product in a better shape.

On PC, I rarely actually play a new game immediately upon release. It’s better to wait for a few weeks rather than get upset over game-breaking bugs. Let the less patient people get upset over the bugs and give the company time to fix them, and then enjoy the game. This applies to Conan Exiles updates too. All updates will probably break the mods I use at least a little, as well as parts of the official game.