I don't know what to think of this game anymore

Constant lagging, texture loading problems, multiple freezes when browsing the tabs, multiple crashes out of the blue, server disconnections and many other problems. The sourcery update took this game downhill on performance and gameplay, PvP and survival aspect of the game has been destroyed completely.


A few questions:
1- What platform are you playing on?
2- Are there any mods?
3- When was the last time you restarted your system?
4- Are you up to date on any updates to your system/drivers?

Not saying that your issues aren’t real. Just trying to piece together the puzzle to see if there’s a solution :slight_smile:


This is happening on ps4 on both servers I play on one official and 1 private.


There is no puzzle. There is a fact tho that 3.0 update was rushed, and seems to be out of control. I cant remember any previous update that had this amount of bugs.

And also the lack of communication from FC about where there is a fix coming or not is just out of this world. Some bugs was even reported during TL even then they decided to rush. And the game feels more early access than ever before.


I play on official unmodded with a PC and one of the best graphics cards on the market and I have these issues after 3.0 as well.

I have been on the same server since 2018 June and it has crashed more times since 3.0 then ever.


True :confused:. @sestus2009 server is OK with crushing, but official servers are in a bad shape, multiple times told.
Let’s hope, there’s nothing more we can do is it?

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On our sever sometimes i can’t even walk thru a door without game freezing
Play game for 4 hours, i get blue screen just about of that time All i can say is don’t quit . Alot of players still play in spite of their issues. Keep fighting the good fight

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I am on a private server and having few problems. Running two mods. Boot camp of pain and Fashionist. My problem are in the warmaker’s sanctuary the floor graphics are totally borked into pink or grey squares and around 11:30 pm to 12:30 am every night I get kicked off over and over. That could be my server provider or my satellite internet though. Been having more fun with this update than any of the previous. WHile balancing decision always making the biggest weapons deliver the weakest blows makes me insane it is common across most games. I have to say two handed swords are useable again. Still grinds my gears the strongest weapons are short swords. If anything I encourage balancing game mechanics against life and not the level playing field many PvPers crave all that does is water down the weapons and armor. Example: a perfect swing from a two handed sword is going to make more damage on a body than a perfect thrust from a short sword. Both lethal but the damage difference matters when striking undead which don’t have vital organs. All in all more net good done than bad.

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That’s a looooong time, you are truly dedicated!

By the way, I have problems too, before 3.0 my building wasn’t so big, but caused ~10-15 FPS to be dropped, now the same building drops it by 30 at least.
With a 6700XT on 1440P (high and some medium) shouldn’t be 35-40 FPS near a 800 piece + 12 placed slave/pet base.

Guess I’m lucky didn’t have any crash since 3.0, although on the release date I had to reinstall and repair before I could play. My play sessions are often 2-4 hours.

Before 3.0 I had crashes.

The lag is a issue, opening a chest (or w/e container) takes a while.
Sometimes it double clicks (open and immediately close) same as for corpse inventories.
A few textures missing for example the sacrifice knife in the new sacrificial stone.
Teleporting creatures are a pain in the **.

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There is a fix coming. I read a post just the other day where an Administrator mentioned that they are waiting on approval.

Stop… Are you a Funcom employee? A Conan Exiles developer?

If there is a solution to this mess Funcom Developers have not yet found it, or else would have been out.
There ain’t no puzzle here. The game is broken af…and as always with this game will take a few months until is playable again…

It looks like the sorcery gameplay is about a year old.

What does make the game unplayable for you? Just want to know the info.
For me its the lag during peak players… but after that I’m able to play again.

The game isn’t unplayable for me, but I have to admit that the 3.0 update has been the most bug filled update I have experienced since it went out of early access, maybe even on par with the worst from ea, however I do believe they will get the most serious bugs sorted out at some point :slight_smile:

I have experienced what many describes, sudden crashes, brief purple textures, insane lag, lower fps, hp bars disappearing, etc.

This has got me wondering because I may have experienced the same at times, I get kicked from server because of “no internet connection” although my internet works just fine, but I am not able to rejoin a server before the game or pc has been restarted, and when I think of it, it seems to happen some time after midnight.
Also it doesn’t matter if I play on private server with mods or officials, it still happens, although in my case not every day :slight_smile:

Ofc there is a fix coming. But still doesnt mean it fixes everything. And also add, it’s been over 1 month(!) since they got reports in, and still decides to rush it. Now instead they have a mountain of bugs. Instead of maybe a few. That happens when you get greedy.

Also that they havent fixed anything yet and has to wait for a huge fix update is confusing as heck.

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I would have not replied to you if it wasn’t you to whom i’m replying (if that makes any sense).
I posted a couple times my list with “major” things that are not working after 3.0. I do not know where to start tbh. And this comes from a solely PvE perspective, poor pvpers :smiley:

  • Purge spawns inside bases or on roofs, no matter my 3 years experience around The Purge.
  • Exploits running wild on all servers which bring the servers to a single digit FPS and over 400-500ms latency.
  • AI having a “Stare Show” before engaging in combat. Thralls choosing to “run” and bring an entire camp on yourself after 2-3 minutes. Instead of just teleporting to the player as it used to.
  • Not being able to properly climb anything while you have a weapon active. Sometimes you are being thrown up in the sky, only to fall to your death…(blame me for building on cliffs)
  • The nonsense on so many armor sets/pieces. Compare normal versions with epic version.

And some Siptah only…

  • Surges bug…You cannot finish them because the npc’s spawn inside the mesh/structures
  • Surges bug…The Octopus on the sky does not go away, preventing anyone on the server from doing any surges until next server restart.
  • Delving bench…Not being able to craft my “favourite” armors.
  • Previous to 3.0.2, you were not able to pick up any figurines. This would prevent players which focus mainly on gathering recipes.

And some Mods only…

  • Treating the modders like “fodder” and being lied in the face. “We will make available the devkit in time”…
  • Unable to play with favourite mods after 3.0

I could go on with some smaller ones and also i probably forgot about some. I am a bit tensed each time i hit this “wall of silence” from Conan Exiles devs.


But how does it matter if their sorcery gameplay is 1 yearold?