Unplayable after latest patch

Yesterday after the patch dropped there were a few noticable differences. Although the game was still crashing it seemed smoother. Today, after the normal server reboots, the game has crashed or froze at least 5 times since I first logged on. I couldn’t have been online more than 15 minutes.

I come here and see so many other players having the same or similar issues and nothing seems to be getting done. When we purchase your game we are buying both a product and a service. Because of your failure to adequately support the service aspect perhaps we as consumers should start seeking other means of addressing our rights as consumersb to have these issues addressed and corrected. Unless you can tell us what is going on and give us a timeframe on the resolution of these issues.


same on pc the lag and fps drops worsened


It makes me feel a little better that we’re all in the same boat, but that’s really bad if PC is having these issues. I mean you could blame the tech gap between a system like the PS4, except the problem isn’t limited by hardware it seems. I’d venture a guess this patch wasn’t meant to fix our problems. I’d be willing to bet this was meant to be a fix for the duplication glitch that’s plaguing all of us at the moment.

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May i found a workaround i was experiencing heavy fps drop and ping spikes then i started messing with configs, set evething to low and was raising one by one, found that textures was breaking the game for me, dont know exactly why, no gpu and cpu high usage, but with high texture game is near unplayable, ended with evething in ultra and textures in low, and now its running like a charm. Dont know is on console those setting is adjustable.

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To my knowledge, no. I’ve often speculated and assumed textured were at least part of the problem. Anything that has movement is also an issue. Especially flames. The biggest culprit is inventories. Anything that can have other things stored. From the radium torches to signs with custom text. It seems that when data is sent between the server and the client something goes wrong. Certain combinations of these inventories seem to be worse than others. For me at least. A single radium torch and a sign is my biggest offender. I have this combination in two locations within my base and no matter what I’m doing I will crash when I pass through those places.

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PS4 player here,

Following the patch I heard sounds in the Challenges|BattlePass|Bazaar tabs for the first time. I was truly enjoying browsing the BattlePass without fear, then it started locking up again. Then I moved onto sorcery excited to try the spells that previously locked up my system. It was tremendous, and then it locked up my system.

I agree with @Snoogans99 I absolutely believe that this patch was a hurried attempt to patch the dupe glitch which was desperately needed. And to @EduMariano comment , you betcha on PS4 console SETTINGS for Performance vs Quality has been standard for Conan for a long time, however the addition of the new animations involved in casting sorcery, the animations involved with the fancy BattlePass, the sound files are game breaking plain and simple.

Looking in from the outside the errors are so obvious, I truly feel for the programmers who were trying to make this whole package function. The latest patch did allow for longer gaming sessions. But Conan gameplay continues to be inconsistent.

As another Forum user summarized so sussincly, if the free patch had included only transmorg, and transporter stones I would have been pumped!

Too much, the 3.0 update was too much at once, a trouble shooting nightmare. My condolences to the programmers right now, their lives must be turmoil these days.

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