I don't know what to think of this game anymore

I see a lot of pretty big issues, have you reported them all on the?:

I’m sorry if I’ve missed some of these comments, there is so much posting on here I can’t keep up so I thank you a lot for repeating :wink:

I reported all of the above, either in Bug Reports, either confirmed to be the case in other players posts. I have stopped doing so once a bug report of mine got deleted and automatically was presumed by the moderators that they know what my report would be about.

To the “Please contact me for more info”…Report got deleted and never been asked by a moderator what the report would have been about.

It went wild with 3.0. Also the player number increased a lot, with peak overpassing the 2018 release. But no worry, Funcom made sure we are back to 5-10k players :wink:

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It obviously was not all rushed out in one month. Are you, today, still finding something wrong in the last month, or year, or whatever?

So if it’s not rushed. How come there is so many new bugs? Also bugs that coming back.

And not even bugs that got adressed during TL is fixed untill release. And now that’s more than 1 month since the update came to live.

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UE4 is already known to be buggy. That means there probably are outdated workarounds.

We just tried logging in. Server’s gone second attempt shows patch being downloaded. Hopefully this fixes everyones problems. @stelagel correction patch is loading o. Cats ps4 not mine.

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I’m an IT technical consultant. I figured that getting some extra information would be a good idea, and even if there isn’t a solution at the moment, then gathering the information could be useful for the dev team. I don’t see why you felt the need to “call me out” when all I was doing was trying to help.


I apologize for that.


No worries, mate. I appreciate the apology, and there’s no hard feelings :slight_smile:


It tells me no internet connection as well yet my voice comms and other apps continue to function without lag.

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Sounds like you have mainly server issues. Are you sure you are on correct region server?

Spot on comment. What i hate on this patch is that followers are useless most of the time. Even in purge most of them are standing there even with settings … like guard area, combat close/range) and all.

The AI in this game was never brilliant but this is huuuge step back. THey got stuck on every single rock, they wandering around lost … they don’t teleport to you etc etc.

This is happening also in offline mode (local) so don’t blame servers.

And yes, modders were threated bedly. The ones who kept this game alive long term. It’s not just company and devs, it’s also community … remember that.

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To be honest, they have always had bad AI.

That’s what i said. IT was never brilliant :slight_smile:

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A large portion of the AI issues with thralls and enemies is that it is using the default navmesh that ships with UE with some tweaks to it.

The default UE navmesh works great. For games where your level designers are in charge of the level and you can take into account known things like gaps, climbing, swimming, etc. UE was first and foremost designed as a first person shooter engine after all.

Conan is a game where the players are the level designers, being able to build whatever they want. The default UE navmeshing doesn’t work well with that, which leads to what appears to be stupid AI.

The AI in a game where the player can build obstacles needs to be enhanced to know how to climb, how to swim, how to find alternate pathways that the navmesh out of the box won’t do (try to get to the closest point and then essentially poop its pants when it can’t)

I have a prototype for a different game I’m working on and ran into this very same issue. The UE5 navmesh would just send its agents after my player and if a gap appeared in the floor, they’d just cluster around that.

I had to then tweak it to trace for alternate paths and if no alternate paths existed, had to tweak it to say “if I can see player then use ranged weapons if any and if I’m melee only I need to take cover”.

The next step to this is I have to determine if I can climb to reach the player and if yes it will climb, but the point of all that is - there is a lot you have to do with the navmesh agents unless your levels are designed so that there are no ways players can build obstacles to fool it.

On our private server, our guys all know how to glitch out the purge because they don’t want to have to deal with it. They build bases in water and up in the air and leave platforms that allow the nav mesh to draw a path to their base, but then they leave offset gaps so that when the AI encounters that, they stand there not knowing what to do. So even though visually the gaps exist, the pathfinding is still registering it as a legit path and then the AI thralls reach that and dont know what to do.

The point of that is to prevent the purge from spawning in their base by faking it out and tricking it into thinking there are legit paths to their base, even though they put these offset gaps in the platforms that the AI doesn’t know how to navigate.

This is a place where the AI needs to judge that it can have its agents jump that little gap.

There is a lot of room for improvement with the AI that I have had to implement in games myself, and I know its not easy, but I would like to see some work be done in this regard.


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