PlayStation Update 2.4/2.4.6 Official Discussion Megathread


if you are finally here to buy the DLC but there is no general game update …

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Server Siptah!! ¿? i buy DLC Siptah but no Server, no upgrade, :smiley: sorry

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I imagine it will take a little while for the update to be downloaded. I imagine it just came out.

no update has been skipped …

It must be when it falls.

I’m updating it, I don’t know about you but I do get the update and siptah

dlc 19.99€ installed yet no patch for ps5 … what now?

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Does ps5 do not get a quality and performance mode?

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Has disabled nudity been fixed?
Or it is permanent now?..
@Hugo @Ignasi


I was blocked on all official servers, without explaining the reason. If I buy Isle of Siphatah, will it work on the official server or not?

Regarding nudity, the fix should be included in this version. We’re waiting for QA to confirm it is working as intended and will update the patchnotes accordingly if that is the case. If not, it will be included as part of the next patch for PS4.

We answered this question here :point_down:


Have you scaled back or adjusted the overbearing new building restrictions which stripped Singleplayer mode of the unique creative freedoms it offered? Genuine question.


My thoughts exactly. I launched the game on PS5 and have no option to switch between Visuals or Performance. Game Is still 30fps. PS5 does not recieve these options :frowning:

And full nudity is still disabled, I am entering an officer and it only leaves me or none or partial … why are they still blocked?


Why is this patch 57.105 GB’s

Amazing news ’ Thanks to the entire @Community for the hard work. Very excited to experience Siptah within the Conan universe I love :cupid:
Now just our troublesome pvec server access to go on Consoles xx


Not to mention all those wonderful bug fixes and Qol changes ’ downloading now.
Three hours to go :sleepy::zipper_mouth_face::crazy_face:@Community

The game won’t let me join a siptah server. Keeps saying disconnected from the game. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Where are the new hairstyles and full nudity?