Current gen upgrade PS5

I see very few complaints about PS5 not getting a real current gen upgrade. Am I the only one who is bothered by this? Are we such a minority that we aren’t worth the effort?


There’s been quite a few you may have just missed them. The response from funcom when they released the Xbox upgrade was that the ps version already runs alot better on ps5 compared to the ps4 so I guess they figured it wasn’t necessary. Sure would be nice though.

Their response on the last stream was basically, “um… we don’t have anything to discuss on that right now.” They got bombarded by enough comments on an upgrade that they actually acknowledged it… just didn’t get anything.

And it definitely needs to run MUCH better on PS5, at least at the level pre AoS.


We gave up asking. PS5 upgrade would be awesome, but I’d just be happy to have it so the damn game doesn’t crash every twenty minutes.


Maybe you have. I certainly very much expect them to come through with one. Or rather, will continue to remind them that they can’t just make an Xbox one and expect PS5 to “just deal with it.”


I would like a upgrade also. I could be wrong but was it not mentioned when these requests were brought up that unlike the Xbox upgrade that it could ruin the Ps4 version? The main problem my wife and I are having on PS5 is disconnects and foliage not being present on Siptah and of course invisible creatures witch showed up in current age. In a minute we can grab PS5 controllers hit PS5 button turning on tv and login to server sure couldn’t do that on ps4.

Textures pop in and out. Missing or invisible stuff (look at Conan’s bar and the wine cellar, among other stuff.) Trees and bushes on siptah. Disconnects and freezes, even before the most recent ones. There’s a number of issues with the PlayStation port.

I like this game, in many aspects it’s a great game, but I can’t enjoy the game with so many frustrating bugs.

Hear hear.

I agree with you, they should also care about us PS users and make an upgraded version for the PS5. It’s not like we dont support the game and them financially already.

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