Next Generation Update

I understand that for various reasons on PlayStation it is more difficult but I think it is your duty to give us more information than we have so far, especially considering that it has been available on Xbox for months. Has anything changed in the meantime, have you been working on it?

They stated in another thread today maybe 2 weeks or less and evidently Xbox had things broken with there update.

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Could you report the thead please?

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Let me see if I can find it.

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It is under 2.4 2.6 thread about 265 posts turned out to be yesterday not today sorry .will try a screen shot.

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To long to get the entire thing at least you know what to look for. Have a good day

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I think they are asking for a graphically updated version for PS5, as Xbox has for the series X

From what I’ve read this is more on PlayStation than FC. I know the consoles handle BC and updating old games very differently.


I guess there was a misunderstanding, I meant the next Generation update for ps5, not 2.5😅

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Hopefully I didn’t mess this up, but it should be the trailer that shows the upgrade

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OK misunderstood. I have been bouncing around from forum and Siptah for a couple hours . Can you transfer current games to ps5? I guess you can 2 new consoles and the game for my wife and I would be too much besides we are doing alright with ps4 at this point.

Yeah I was seeing it right now and it’s great, it looks like another game. It would be really terrible if the PlayStation were the only one not to receive it

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That is something to look forward to.

You shouldn’t need to get new copies of the game, so far as I’ve read all PS4 games are compatible with the PS5.

You can play cross generation as well, if you’re playing online chances are you’ve already played with PS5 players and not known

Of course if you are happy with what you’ve got there is no need to upgrade, but if you decide to do so in the future you’ll still be able to play your games

The graphic update that Xbox got was free, I’d hope that it would be the same if PS gets something similar, but there are a lot of factors that we probably don’t know about


Thanks for the information. We probably need new glasses before ps5 contrast in settings and benches could definitely be improved.

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