Next Gen Console?

when you say playstation and xbox, do u mean next gen too?

Thats what I heard.

I know all current xbox one games are going to be playable on next gen. So it should yes

I don’t see why it wouldn’t

I know for sure that I’m waiting to buy Isle until I find out more about the plan going forward on Xbox. Have they announced what the plan is? If it turns out there’s not gonna be a next gen graphics bump or, even worse, there is but I have to buy the game again to get it, I’ll definitely not be investing anymore. There’s just too much shiny new stuff coming up.

But this is one of my favorite games, and if it’s coming with us to the series x (and ps5 if that’s your bag) without a paywall then this new mode is a no-brainer. It seems like a lot of fun.

Just gotta wait and see what’s happening on the next gen front before I know either way.

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