Xbox X/S and Ps5

We need upgread for new Gen systems. At the very least make Xbox series X use Xbox One X textures. I dont want to have to plug in an old system to get the better graphics.

I’ve seen your replies on other form about this topic and its just not acceptable.

And theres stuff thats need fixing… let alone console users being far behind. XD
They said they would look into the one issue about graphics.

Anyone lucky to get a next gen console, and still playing conan, >_>

Kinda low on popularity list don’t you think. =/ I can;t imagine “a lot” of users are playing CE on next gen consoles. Sounds like its pretty low piroty for them to touch on, specially since they don’t seem interested (at this time) to buff up the game at all.

Maybe after Siptah goes full release and gets few more rounds of fixes.

To be fair… if I had scored a Ps5 myself, I’d be playing Demon Souls and Cyverpunk and abit of CE to…

Please don’t upgrade graphics on PS5!!! I’d much rather have the game optimized to run better.

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