Time to talk next generation on consoles

WIth PS5 anounced for holiday 2020 (and backwards compatible), will Funcom be tweaking anything on the consoles end as far as servers and/or performance updates?

Does Funcom already have a dev-kit PS5 to start looking into any possible changes they may need to make? Just thoughts as i look into the future of CE on consoles.


Rumor has it they don’t have PS4 devkits :stuck_out_tongue:, which (if true) would put some fairly long odds of them having PS5 devkits.


I agree that it’s definitely time to look forward. Let’s face it, I am going to quit playing this game to play better next gen games on the ps5. No rage quit or anything like that, just doing what I do every time a new console comes out.

I will, however, be in the market for another Conan themed survival rpg that utilizes the abilities of the next gen! So far Conan Exiles hasn’t been perfect due to performance issues and I think that’s something that can be addressed in a sequel, 2.5, remaster, or whatever on the next generation of consoles


If there is to be a next gen CE / CE2 I hope it will be on all consoles, I prefer Xbox for obvious reasons.



Oh dude you’re right on, I forgot about similar timing in the past. PS3 GTA was already really great, so when the PS4 came out I naturally bought another few copies for my consoles. What an improvement, and a recapturing of an audience. Great topic.

One thing that is on my mind is the loading potential of PS5. This may affect balance of PS5 (or XBOX next gen) against the current gen of consoles. Then again, it may be a server side thing that doesn’t change anything, and thus the PS5 specs would not be utilized fully on CE.

I am going to buy an XBOX SERIES X, and would like to play Conan Exiles optimized for it.


I will just say I will gladly fork over for anything on ps5. I love this game. Keep it coming!

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For obvious reasons? Don’t call reasons obvious if they aren’t. The only reason to play Xbox instead of PlayStation it the exclusive title (singular) as apposed to PlayStation exclusive titles (plural). So if you have reasons (plural) please share because halo is a bad reason (singular)

Don’t start a consoles war, mate, playing on consoles is already bad


With unreal engine 4 “server side thing” is a non existent argument.


I am on Xbox for none of the reasons you mentioned, the reason for me is I had the PS1, AKA the redesigned external drive that Nintendo were going to use for the SNES, few reasonable titles but nothing outstanding, I went back to PC’s, when Microsoft announced the first gen Xbox I bought one out of curiosity having seen the watered down versions of PC games on the PS1, Sony were alright with audio but I really did, and still do, think that there consoles are none to great, PS1, disk drive issues leading to recall, PS2 burning discs, PS3 no group chat etc etc. Microsoft for all there issues understand PC builds, a console is nothing more than a fixed architecture build like a MAC, the Xbox UI and general OS quality has gone from strength to strength, the only spot on Xbox for me was the red ring of death, they solved that and moved on. Internally I prefer the Xbox components, I’ve been gaming / building computers since the late 70’s and have owned 90%+ of all home computers and consoles, only three really stuck out for me, The Enterprise, SNES and the Xbox series, I’m not a fanboy just an experienced nerd /geek.


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I agree that consoles are behind pcs. But is the nature of habit, laying to your comfy couch, keep your joy stick, playing to your 50 inch TV set. Shoot me for this :wink:


That is perfectly fine and thank you for explaining but none of that was obvious except that Xbox is always a step behind Sony allowing them to see what the competition faces in the way of problems before they do anything. Microsoft has never been the innovators of console gaming that Sony and Nintendo are. Their success is due to their play it safe attitude of just wait for the other guys to show us what to do and then fix it. Not that your choice is bad or anything of the sort but calling reasons obvious when they clearly aren’t is a poor use of English. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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And as a result, PS4 has far outsold Xbox one.


Ever had the feeling you ended up in the wrong area? I clicked the link below my last post and did not notice I had ended up in the PS4 section of the forum, I thought that this post was in the general discussion area. Before I go back to the Xbox area, your comment regards

The first three consoles had major problems, as I mentioned, worse one had to be the lack of group chat on the PS3, trying to play something like GTA online and stuck with coms through the lobby was a complete nightmare, second would be the first two PS1’s I had were collected by courier for the disc drive issues, not exactly what I would call innovating really, more like short sighted with a view to rush a product out before it is both ready and in the first case with a decent progressive OS design.


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Man, and I thought the “PC vs console” discussions or the “PvE vs PvP” discussions were inane. But it’s got nothing on “console A vs console B”.


You’re harking back to the PSOne. At this point in history (1994), the XBox was what, a 33 megahertz 486 clone with no one to adopt it? :stuck_out_tongue: (I keed I keed)

This is just a gentle jab at why people are divided between the consoles. There’s a long history, handing off from Nintendo to Sega Genesis to PSOne to PS2, Three and Fo’. It causes natural, and healthy divisions when another well-regarded software- and game-maker throws its cammie snapback into the ring. Get it? Ring?

MS had one thing, which I wanted and more and more people want it today…

Binding a PHYSICAL game on your account. I dont resell games… To much hassle with people without money.
But I often buy them physically and nothing is more annoying, then changing the Blu-ray.
90% of my games are bought digital. And I would be happy to make the other 10% also bound on my account.

MS wanted to force it for EVERY game, which was the bad part of the good idea.

Also they had the idea to “borrow games” which resulted in Steam-family share (came 2017 - Xbox One was presented ~end of 2013).

I have a PS4 (and had a PS3), only because of Naughty dog. If MS would buy Naughty dog, it would be “bye bye PS” for me.
I hate the Sony concern (because of bad support on my HDV cam and phone). They are bad. Sony Software is bad (compared to MS). And the xbox controller (the analog pads) is also better (hence why the switch pro controller has the d-pad on the same place as the xbox controller).

I had never an xbox, but xbox controllers on PC. Yes, I am normaly a PC gamer. But my current (old PC) cannot handle Conan. And I wait for my PC upgrade, until the day will come when I dont play CE anymore, because DIABLO 4 is out!

PS.: The success of PS and Nintendo are their better exclusive. Naughty dog (Uncharted, TLOU, Crash, etc) or the whole Mario franchise is, what gets people to buy this consoles. HALO was great for Xbox1. But to small changes for 2 console generations after it…

PPS.: So please, take off your sony fanboi glasses… MS also did many good things and dont forget, that a competitor is always great for costumers!! Otherwise Sony could say, you have to pay 1000€ for PS5. Or buy a Switch pro :smiley: :smiley:

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When the pursuit of understanding is met with ignorant rage. Feels bad. I tried to learn and ended up causing a war. Sorry to unintentionally ruin an important and needed thread.